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What harm does haze do to human body can haze days exercise

What harm does haze do to human body can haze days exercise in recent years, air quality problems have been widely and highly concerned by people. Haze days are not only a weather problem, but also a problem related to the health of the whole people. Winter is a high incidence period of haze days, and the biggest harm to human body is the respiratory system. Let's see what harm haze days have and what harm haze days have!

1. Harm of haze to human body: causing various bacterial diseases

Because the sun can't reach the earth in the haze weather, or the sun is weak. In this way, the bacteria, viruses and microorganisms on the surface of the ground will rapidly multiply, causing allergies and other diseases.

2. Harm of haze to human body: increased risk of cancer

As we all know, smokers are 60% more likely to develop lung cancer than ordinary people, and haze contains more harmful particles, so haze is more likely to cause cancer than smoking.

3. Harm of haze to human body: blood vessel injury

Dense fog weather pressure is relatively low, people will have a feeling of irritability, blood pressure will naturally increase. In addition, the temperature is often low in foggy days. Some patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease suddenly go from warm indoor to cold outdoor. The blood vessels expand and contract with heat, which can also increase blood pressure, leading to stroke and myocardial infarction.

4. Harm of haze to human body: prone to traffic accidents

Haze weather will reduce the visibility, and only a few meters can be seen seriously. It is very dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

5. Harm of haze to human body: lung injury

Haze days have the greatest impact on the respiratory system, which has become the consensus of most people. The respiratory system has the most frequent contact with the external environment, and the contact area is large. Hundreds of atmospheric particles can directly enter and adhere to the upper and lower respiratory tract and lung lobes of the human body, and most of them will be inhaled by the human body.

Harm of haze to human body: 25000 people with heart disease or poor heart were investigated in the United States. It was found that the death rate of patients would increase by 10% ~ 27% after PM2.5 increased by 10 μ g / m3.

6. Harm of haze to human body: brain injury

Haze not only damages organs, but also affects the nervous system. Zhong Nanshan once introduced that at the 65th annual meeting of the American Geriatric Society, there was a conclusion that if PM2.5 in the air increased by 10 μ g / m3, the brain function of people would age for three years.

7. Harm of haze to human body: sad and dirty

According to Harvard School of public health, particulate pollutants in cloudy days can not only cause myocardial infarction, but also cause myocardial ischemia or damage. In the United States, 25000 people with heart disease or poor heart were investigated. It was found that the mortality of patients increased by 10% ~ 27% after PM2.5 increased by 10 μ g / m3.

8. Harm of haze to human body: damage to genitourinary system

The effect of haze on semen quality is mainly in the later stage. The inhalable substances in haze will enter the blood circulation of human body and gradually accumulate in various organs of human body, including the scrotum of semen factory. In addition, because the genitourinary system is the fastest metabolism organization of the human body, when the particles inhaled from the outside enter the blood circulation of the human body, the first thing to be affected is the genitourinary system, which will cause some diseases of the genitourinary system, such as renal failure, uremia, oligospermia, sperm malformation, prostate hyperplasia, etc.

9. Harm of haze to human body: skin injury

The skin also has breathing function. In clean air, the skin will be very comfortable and moist, but if it is in a very dirty environment, the skin will be very uncomfortable. The adhesion of haze particles is not conducive to skin cleaning, and it is easy to cause dark skin color and accelerate skin aging. In haze days, the ultraviolet light is reduced, and the reproductive capacity of bacteria and viruses is enhanced. It is even worse for inflammatory skin, which not only increases the burden on the skin, but also increases the probability of skin inflammatory response.

10. Harm of haze to human body: depressing and fidgety

People's mood is very easy to be affected by the weather. The haze weather is gloomy, the air is dirty, people's mood will also become low, and the mood will be upset. Lack of energy in doing things. The recessive influence of haze on spirit, psychology and emotion can not be ignored. The gloomy haze can easily cause people to be pessimistic and depressed. Experts pointed out that for many urban residents, the happiness brought by the increase of income can not offset the happiness brought by environmental pollution.

The harm of haze movement

Haze weather is very easy to lead to the decline of respiratory defense and lung function. If you have exercise habits, you should stop running and walking outdoors. You'd better not do cardiorespiratory exercise, such as high-intensity running. Because when exercising hard, the breathing rhythm will be faster and deeper, and the harmful gas inhaled into the body will be several times more than usual. Some harmful substances combined with water vapor will become more toxic, such as sulfur dioxide into sulfuric acid or sulfides, chlorine hydrolysis into hydrogen chloride or hypochlorite, fluoride hydrolysis into hydrogen fluoride. Therefore, the air pollution in haze days is much more serious than usual. In addition, exercise in fog is also easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Will the air be better when exercising in the park in the haze?

The answer is no! When PM2.5 reports seriously, the adsorption of plants is very weak. Only strong wind or heavy rain can disperse or wash the haze particles in the air, but not the plants in the park.

Is the indoor sports meeting better?

The answer is no, the air is flowing, and the indoor PM2.5 index is not much lower than the outdoor PM2.5 index in case of severe haze. Unless you install a very good quality air purifier and close the doors and windows.