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Is it good to steam sauna for cold

Is it good to steam sauna for cold in our daily life, is sauna a a very common way of entertainment and health care? Sauna can promote metabolism and blood circulation. It's popular with many people, but it's not always suitable for sauna. Can sauna be used when you have a cold? Can sauna cure a cold? Let's have a look!

In general, a cold can be steamed in sauna, but it should be enough, and the time should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to have adverse effects on the body and harm the health.

Can I steam sauna for a cold

You can steam a sauna for a cold, but it's enough and proper. If it's a cold, you can take a little steam and sauna, sweat a little, but sweat hurt the body.

Steaming sauna can cause sweating, which is conducive to the treatment of diseases. However, don't suffer from cold after steaming sauna, so as to avoid aggravating the disease, pay attention to keeping warm.

Cold, people's resistance will be reduced, and sauna contains Cryptococcus and other pathogens, most easily through the respiratory tract into the human body, resulting in pneumonia and other diseases. Cold patients only need to reduce the labor intensity and time, drink more hot boiled water, supplement the lost water such as fever, and rest for recovery. Sauna and hot bath for a long time will only lead to electrolyte imbalance due to loss of water in the body, which is not conducive to recovery.

Can sauna cure cold

There are two kinds of cold: wind cold and virus cold.

Wind cold cold is what we usually call cold cold; virus cold is the infection of pathogenic bacteria that causes the body's immune system to start, resulting in fever, dizziness and other symptoms Sauna. Steaming sauna can relax the pores of human body, discharge the body's cold, sweat, grease and other wastes, and absorb the heat and beneficial mineral elements during sauna Therefore, sauna is effective for cold.

Sauna is a special way of bathing, which has two functions of cleaning skin and treating diseases. It can relieve pain and relax joints by alternating heat and cold for several times. For the skin, due to the obvious expansion of skin blood vessels and sweating in the process of steam bath, the blood circulation is improved. Sweat excretion is helpful for the elimination of waste in the body, so that various tissues in the skin can obtain more nutrition.

But we should pay attention to the fact that the pores are completely dilated after sauna washing, so we should put on clothes in time, and don't expose the dilated pores in the cold winter, otherwise, it will become clumsy and make the cold from the outside corrode into the body again, aggravating the cold.

But there is another problem: because the sauna is easy to breed 'Cryptococcus',' Cryptococcus' this kind of fungus, easy to breed in the dark, humid, air circulation is not smooth place, sauna is one of them. Some people think that steaming sauna and sweating for a cold can promote blood circulation and make it better faster. This is not the case. When you have a cold, people's resistance will be reduced. Cryptococcus and other pathogenic bacteria are most likely to enter the human body through the respiratory tract, leading to pneumonia and other diseases But keep warm, because the alternation of heat and cold in sauna will weaken the body's resistance to cold virus.

The best way for cold patients is to rest or do some relaxing sports.