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What kind of house can't be bought

The house is the most basic component of a family. If you live in a comfortable house, your career and family will be very prosperous. But there are skills in choosing a house. Some houses can't be bought. Do you know what kind of house you can't buy? Here, Xiaobian summarizes the precautions of buying a house according to his own practice. If you have the idea of buying a house, let's have a look.

What kind of house can't be bought?

1. You can't buy the building without Yang

Now some of the real estate on sale, there are still black bedrooms, black kitchens, black bathrooms phenomenon, residents enjoy the basic right to the sun has been ruthlessly deprived. Individual unscrupulous developers use these "Yang" missing houses to play the so-called special price house in an attempt to deceive buyers. But the eyes of the masses are bright, and the sales of such houses are naturally bleak.

2. You can't buy a house with a wrong center

If the center of the house is not right, some unexpected disasters, diseases, minor diseases and serious diseases will often happen. For example, some small skin wounds, but I don't know why, have become a serious infection, which has developed into a life and death event. In addition, for people living in such a house, the change of personality is relatively fatal! Simple and kind-hearted people will unconsciously become cruel and insatiable, which will lead to the ruin of their career. In families with children, children are prone to violence or become more and more ignorant, which is the tragedy of life.

What should I pay attention to when buying a house?

1. House orientation, indoor lighting. Before the house is very particular about feng shui, Feng Shui is good, people live in a healthy, cheerful mood. The ideal rooms are all facing the south, facing the sea and blooming in spring. ha-ha. So first of all, we have to face south. No matter how cheap the rooms facing north are, we can't buy them. A sunless room has no sunshine. It's not only a matter of drying clothes, but also a great influence on people's health in a dark and humid environment for a long time. So the room has to face south. The main reason for facing south is good lighting. When buying a house, try to choose a room with sufficient lighting. One of my friends' rooms is very bright. It's easy and comfortable for people to live in, and the mood is very sunny.

2. The ventilation of the house must have ventilation facilities. If it is not a north-south transparent room, it must be equipped with forced ventilation facilities. Some rooms and kitchens are in comparison. When cooking, there will be a cloud of smoke at home. Only when the door is opened can ventilation be carried out. If the convection is not good, the smoke will not disperse at home for a long time, which is equivalent to smoking Haze. So ventilation is very important. Air is very important.

3. Staircases and elevators are set up to see if their staircases have daylight. The white angels are black, and there are windows with daylight. If there is no daylight, it will be difficult to escape in case of fire. And developers in order to save costs, many low-end buildings are not equipped with emergency lighting devices, there is a fire, it is impossible to escape. In recent years, elevator accidents occur frequently, and the quality of elevator is also an important guarantee for our life safety.

Buying a house is a big event in our life. A good house will bring us good luck. Therefore, before buying a house, we should not only know the precautions of buying a house, but also know what kind of house we can't buy. Only in this way can we choose a good house from all kinds of houses. Here, I would like to remind you that some houses without real estate certificate can not be purchased, so as to avoid all kinds of disputes in the future.