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How to eat dried starfish? What is the medicinal value of dried starfish

How to eat dried starfish? What is the medicinal value of dried starfish starfish live in the sea. Few people use live starfish, but dried starfish is still of edible value. Compared with edible value, dried starfish has higher medicinal value. What do you know about dried starfish? What is the medicinal value of dried starfish? Today's editor will show you.

I. Introduction to dried starfish

A general term for starfish invertebrates, not fishes.

Body flat, star shaped. Wrists.

There are 1800 species in the oceans, and the most in the northern Pacific.

The respiratory organ of starfish is gill.

The skin gill is a membranous protuberance extending from the bone plate, and the inner surface is connected with the body cavity.

The gill is simple or branching, and the gill area is scattered or aggregated.

The gills of starfish can increase the ability and area of respiration.

There are two kinds of starfish dishes, one is to cook soup, the other is to fry starfish seeds with protein, scallops and fresh shrimps, fry them into crab, and then brew them back into starfish shell.

It seems that this dish is very delicate. Although starfish seed is not impressive, it can taste its sweet and soft texture with solid texture. It is used to match with sweet scallop and slippery protein. The three tastes very good.

There are many kinds of starfish saponins in starfish, which are poisonous. Two substances, saponin A and B, were isolated from them. Another kind of saponin can hydrolyze glucose, xylose, rhamnose, etc.

Starfish contain acid mucopolysaccharide, which is a kind of macromolecular substance that can not be dialyzed. The gonads of the Asteria mollestoni contain inorganic elements Zn, Mn, Al, CD, Fe, Mg, CA, Se, Pb, Cu, Ni, Ti, Co, Li, Cr and a variety of amino acids.

There are many trace elements in the shell of compass car: Zn, Mn, CD, Fe, Pb, Cu, Ni, Ti, Co, Li, Cr, Te, as, Ba, Bi, Sb, Si, Ge, Nb, Sn, be, Zr, CS, Tl, Rb, Sr, Ca, etc.; it also contains amino acids, of which threonine, valine, methionine account for about 30% and total protein content is 19.66%.

The raw material of dried starfish is starfish.

II. Medicinal value of dried starfish

Chemical composition: including starfish saponin A and B.

Pharmacological action: starfish saponin can make sperm lose vitality, and can induce ovulation and sperm expulsion.

Sexual taste: salty; mild

Meridian tropism: heart; stomach; large intestine meridian

Function indications: Jiedu Sanjie; and stomach pain. Indications: goiter; scrofula; stomachache and pantothenic acid; diarrhea and otitis media.

Usage and dosage: internal administration: decoction, 20-30g; grind, 3G each time.

Each treatise: "Chinese medical animal record": it has the functions of relieving pain, making acid, relieving diarrhea, calming and so on. Indications: excessive gastric acid, gastric ulcer, diarrhea, epilepsy and other diseases.

It can be fished, washed and dried at the bottom of sand mud, rock reef or broken shell in the intertidal zone.

The medicinal value of starfish is greater than the edible value.

The dried starfish sold in the market are generally used for stewing with herbs.

In fact, the meat of starfish is very little, and basically has no edible value. Most people use male starfish to cook soup and nourish their bodies. If they really want to eat, they can take the eggs of female Starfish (starfish seeds).

Starfish mucopolysaccharide and starfish soap have anticancer activity.

Starfish preparation can inhibit the liver cancer in mice, improve the therapeutic effect of CTX and ADM, and increase the tumor inhibition rate.

The antitumor effect of saponins is cell like.

The extract of starfish can inhibit the spleen of mice caused by prednisone and reduce the oxidative lipid reaction of mice liver.

Sea buckthorn starfish can also prolong the survival rate of mice under normobaric hypoxia.

The acidic mucopolysaccharide in starfish can regulate the immune function.

Rodriguez can obviously improve the swimming ability of mice, the total weight of glands, the content of SOD in the whole blood and the weight of mice.

It can promote the development of testis and relieve the muscular atrophy of Yang deficient mice.

In recent years, the medicinal value of starfish has been paid more and more attention. Many marine pharmaceutical or food enterprises have developed starfish nutrient capsules and other products, which have significant effects on disease elimination and body strengthening.