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Hainan autumn tourism strategy

It's the golden autumn. Where is it better to travel to Hainan? Don't worry, Xiaobian has listed out the interesting places in Hainan. Let's go to know about it!

1. Yalong Bay, Sanya, Hainan

Yalong Bay in Sanya, Hainan Province, the first Bay in the world, Hawaii in the East, a cold resort for leisure and tourism. Yalong Bay has a pleasant climate. It can avoid the cold in winter and relieve the heat in summer. It has beautiful natural scenery, undulating green mountains, calm waves in the bay. The blue sea is clear as a mirror, and the soft beach is white as silver. "Sanya returns without looking at the sea, except Yalong is not a bay". This is the sincere praise of Yalong Bay. Yalong Bay is known as "Oriental Hawaii" and is a national AAAA scenic spot. In China, it is a fashion to choose Yalong Bay for holiday. The picturesque natural scenery, comfortable and perfect tourism facilities and unique tourism projects have become a holiday paradise for tourists.

2. Hainan Binlang Valley LiMiao cultural tourism area

Hainan betelnut Valley LiMiao cultural tourism area, the first national cultural 5A scenic spot in China, was founded in 1998. The scenic spot is located in the graceful betelnut forest sea with more than 10000 trees, and in the tropical rain forest with towering ancient trees and intertwined vines. Betelnut Valley is named because of the overlapping forests on both sides and the betelnut Valley stretching for several kilometers in the middle. Binglang Valley is also one of the main venues for the Li and Miao traditional 'March 3' and 'Qixi Water Festival' in Hainan. It is full of cultural charm and a living fossil of Hainan's national culture.

3. Wanquan Lake Tourist Area

Wanquan Lake tourist resort is located in Niululing reservoir area in the upper reaches of Wanquan River. The lake is wide and there are many islands. The peaks on both sides are stacked and the rocks are jagged. The original tropical rain forest is dense with the fragrance of birds and flowers and green mountains and clear water. The residents of Li and Miao have lived here for a long time, and the cooking smoke of Li village and Miao village is shrouded. There are abundant spring carp, eel, bighead carp, raw fish and catfish & hellip; & hellip; which are delicious dishes for tourists. The resort has medium and high-grade guest rooms, large, medium and small meeting rooms, restaurants and dance halls. There are many scenic spots in the lake area, such as shipiangou strange stone group, ruquangu waterfall, Xianren gorge, Baidao group, Shili gorge, erlongtan, Tianchi and so on. The water in the lake area is charming because of the strange peaks, and the mountains in the lake area are majestic because of the beautiful water and blue sky, just like a beautiful landscape painting.

4. Haikou Guanlan Lake Resort

Guanlan Lake Resort in Haikou provides tourists from all over the world with an excellent tourist destination integrating golf, tourism and vacation, leisure and entertainment, global cuisine and hot spring spa. Here, you will experience the unprecedented golf experience, whether professional players or amateur players, mission hills & bull; Haikou International Golf Resort is the first choice. Numerous world-class leisure and health care facilities make your body and mind relax completely, providing an unparalleled resort for lovers and tourists pursuing leisure and healthy lifestyle. Guanlan Lake Volcanic Rock Resort is another excellent tourist destination in Hainan, China, integrating tourism, leisure and entertainment, global food and spa.

5. Tianyahaijiao tourist area

Located in Tianya District of Sanya City, about 23 kilometers southwest of the main urban area, Tianya Haijiao tourist area faces Maling mountain and the vast sea. It is the first tourist attraction of Hainan Province in 20 years, the first tourism brand of Hainan in the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, and a national AAAA tourist attraction. It is well-known at home and abroad for its beautiful and charming tropical seaside scenery and unique history and culture, Tianya culture. It is the first beautiful brand of Hainan enterprises since the founding of Hainan Province. The scenic area is close to the mountains and the sea. The blue sea, green mountains, Baisha, JULEI and reef are integrated into one, just like a colorful red and blue screen. The coconut grove, waves, fishing boats, gulls and clouds are reflected in the background, forming the unique charm of coconut wind and sea in southern China.

6. Sanya Nanshan big and small Dongtian tourist area

Located at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, 40 km west of Sanya City, Sanya cave was founded in the Southern Song Dynasty (1187 AD). It is a scenic spot with a long history in Hainan Province and a Taoist cultural tourist attraction in the south of China. It has been known as "the first scenic spot of QiongYa in 800 years" for its peculiar and beautiful sea view, mountain view, stone view and cave view since ancient times, and has developed into one of the first 5A tourist attractions in China. Sanya's big and small caves have left many famous places since ancient times. Jianzhen, an eminent monk of Tang Dynasty, made six trips to Japan to promote Buddhism. He drifted to the coast of big and small caves in Nanshan for the fifth time, leaving a long history behind. Huang Daopo, an innovator of cotton spinning technology in the late Song Dynasty and the early Yuan Dynasty, collected cotton textile in this area and boarded the ship from here to spread the cotton planting technology and cotton spinning technology of Yazhou at home and abroad. Bai Yuchan, the fifth ancestor of Taoism in the Song Dynasty, practiced and preached Buddhism here Preach, so that the size of the cave from then on with the Taoist Origin.

7. Hainan Jianfengling National Forest Park

Jianfengling National Forest Park has dense primeval forest landscape. The most peculiar thing is that from a distance, the whole mountain is like a knife like Jianfengling, hence its name. In addition to enjoying the fun of mountaineering, there is also a beautiful view of Tianchi Lake. The water is as flat as a mirror, clear as the bottom. There are many holiday hotels around, which can make people enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery here. The natural landscape of Jianfengling is relatively primitive. There are two routes to choose from. One is the trip to the top, the other is to the quiet Tianchi Lake, and tourists will visit the two routes together. Most of the climbing roads are stone steps, and experienced outdoor athletes can reach the peak in about 3 hours. Standing at the peak, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of verdant trees and continuous mountains.

8. Dream Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park

Hainan Tunchang dream Fragrant Mountain fragrant Cultural Park is a fragrant cultural and rural tourism boutique sightseeing park based on the planting industry of fragrant trees, fragrant fruits, vanilla and fragrant flowers, with tourism as the body and culture as the soul. When the park is completed, it will realize the whole process of fragrant experience: seeing Fragrant Mountain, smelling fragrant, walking fragrant Road, tasting fragrant tea, eating delicious food, taking fragrant bath, sleeping in fragrant room, picking fragrant fruit, purchasing fragrant things and forming fragrant relationship. At present, the built areas include galipo castle, windmill viewing platform, Four Seasons flower field, Vanilla Garden, aloes garden, sports development project garden, fragrant world and vanilla theme restaurant. Take a sip of the flower tea made of pure natural flowers, and the delicate and slightly sweet taste will give you rich feedback from nature. Smell the refreshing fragrance, you will feel that this trip is worthwhile.

9. Sanya Dadonghai tourist area

Sanya Dadonghai scenic spot is located in Sanya, the southernmost tropical coastal city in China. It is a comprehensive scenic spot integrating tourism, sightseeing, vacation, business and leisure. It is also a famous natural beach. It is known as "Hawaii is better than Hawaii". The scenic spot is famous at home and abroad for its location in the urban area, convenient transportation, fresh air, graceful coconut trees, white and delicate sand beach, clear and blue sea water, magnificent coral reefs on the sea floor, foreign star hotels and supporting recreational and shopping facilities. The main touring items are: semi submersible sightseeing boat, paraglider, motorboat, speedboat, diving, sea hammer fishing, underwater photography, beach volleyball, beach football, beach motorcycle, etc.

10. Grade 4A Guantang hot spring hotel / Resort

2.5 hours from Sanya and 1.5 hours from Haikou. Guantang hot spring is located at the foot of BAISHILING mountain, Qionghai City, Hainan Province, 8 kilometers away from Qionghai City, with a total area of more than 20 square kilometers. With beautiful environment and pleasant scenery, the area is a comprehensive international tourist resort with hot spring culture. Walking in the meantime, I feel like I'm in the yaochi lake. Spring water is rich in beneficial elements. It is a kind of chloride heavy carbon hot mineral water with low salinity and low iron, which contains fluorine, silicon and strontium. It can be used for medical treatment, convalescence and bathing. At present, four hot spring resort hotels have been built in the area: Guantang hot spring leisure center, Fuhai hot spring resort, Guantang hot spring resort and CAIJIAN hot spring hotel.