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What is the qualification line of the entrance written examination for 2017 teacher qualification ce

is it like an ant on a hot pot for the students who took the teacher qualification examination the other day? From previous years, the result should be this afternoon! In the second half of 2017, the results of the written examination for the qualification of primary and secondary school teachers will be announced on December 12. At that time, candidates can log in to the primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination website of the Ministry of Education ( to query their own test results. But according to the past years' experience, we can find the scores later today on the 11th. Now the editor teaches you how to check the scores in the written test and how to apply for the interview. Here I wish all the students to pass the written test smoothly.

According to reports, from December 12, candidates can input their names and ID card numbers to query their scores in the written examination of the primary and secondary school teachers' qualification examination on the website of the Ministry of Education ( If you have any objection to your performance, you can apply to the Social Examination Office of the Provincial Examination Bureau with your ID card within 5 working days from December 12. Only check whether the registration score is accurate.

Score line for written examination of teacher qualification certificate

The roll is divided into 150 points, and 70 points converted into 120 points according to the standard are passed. The qualification line of written examination shall be determined by the examination center of the Ministry of education. Whether the candidates meet the qualification score line shall be subject to the results of the current examination. Please refer to the table below for the qualification score standard of written examination papers of primary and secondary school teachers.

In addition, those who have passed the written examination of primary and secondary school teachers' qualification can apply for the interview of primary and secondary school teachers' qualification examination in the second half of 2017. Please refer to the announcement on the interview of primary and secondary school teachers' qualification examination in Hainan Province in the second half of 2017 for the interview application. Among them, the written test results of primary and secondary school teachers' qualification examination are valid for two years, that is to say, the deadline for the written test results of candidates applying for this interview must be after December 12, 2017, and the written test results in the second half of 2015 are within the valid period.

I. be familiar with the examination process

(1) Hou Kao:

Candidates with interview permit (invalid for mobile phone photo) and valid ID card shall arrive at the interview site on time and enter the waiting room.

(2) draw questions:

According to the arrangement of the examination site, log in the 'interview and evaluation software system', extract the questions from the question bank, and the system prints the list of questions.

(3) prepare lessons:

Candidates enter the preparation room with the preparation paper, receive the preparation paper, and write the lesson plan (or demonstration activity plan) for 20 minutes.

(4) answer the required questions:

Candidates are guided into the designated interview room by the staff. The examiner randomly selects 2 specified questions (structured interview) from the question bank, and the candidates answer them for 5 minutes.

(5) trial (demonstration):

Candidates will give lectures (demonstrations) according to the prepared lesson plan (or activity plan) for 10 minutes.

(6) reply:

The examiner will ask questions about the content of the test lecture (demonstration) and the test items, and the candidates will reply for 5 minutes. Generally, examiners ask two questions.

(7) score:

According to the scoring standard, the examinee's interview performance will be comprehensively scored by the examiner group, and the interview scoring form will be filled in, signed and confirmed by the team leader, and the score will be submitted through the interview evaluation system.

2. Be familiar with teaching materials, practice writing teaching plans, and learn to give lectures

1. Be familiar with teaching materials

Many of the candidates probably don't know what the textbooks look like. In principle, the question bank of the interview examination will contain the teaching materials of various regions in the country, such as human education version, Jiangsu Education version, Shandong Education version, etc., and the examination is to randomly select articles from these teaching materials for trial speaking, so it is important to be familiar with the teaching materials in advance. (of course, from the past experience, it is mainly based on the textbooks of the people's edition, so it must be very familiar with them.)

So where can I find textbooks?

1. Go to the library to borrow

2. Borrow materials from relatives and friends of school-age children

3. Go to buy some treasure of Ma Yun's father

4. Go to Xinhua Bookstore

(of course, if you choose to buy it, it's more expensive. It's better to recommend 'borrowing' haha.)

2. Practice writing lesson plans

As a teacher, the lesson plan will accompany you all your life. Written examination, interview and examination edition all need to write teaching plans. You say it's not important. Since it is so important, we must learn to write a complete teaching plan.

If you want to improve the level of teaching plan writing, first of all, you need to see more. Even if you are not good at it, you will naturally make progress after being influenced. Besides, we can't just read. As the saying goes, a good brain is better than a bad pen. Write it down and practice it many times before you can really make progress.

Xiaoguo here is in the official Weibo of @ better than education, and also often shares teaching plans of various disciplines and sections through articles. Babies can get them on demand.

3. Learning trial

In addition to being familiar with teaching materials and able to write teaching plans, it should be transformed into practical teaching. This transformation requires us to understand the students and the classroom.