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How to shell boiled eggs in 3 seconds at the most to teach you to peel out the perfect eggs!

How to shell boiled eggs in 3 seconds at the most to teach you to peel out the perfect eggs! many people like to eat boiled eggs healthy and delicious, but they think it's too troublesome to peel the shells. After a long time of peeling, they are still potholes. The following editor will teach you some skills of peeling eggs, so that you can peel the perfect eggs in 3 seconds!

The eggs are well cooked and easier to peel

Before peeling eggs, there are actually some methods that can be used to make it easier to peel eggs. In the process of cooking eggs, we can add 'vinegar' and 'salt'. Vinegar is used to make the protein solidify faster, while salt is used to make the eggshell harder and unbroken.

In addition, it is also a good choice to use electric rice cooker to steam eggs. The high temperature of electric rice cooker makes the eggs more compact and easy to peel off the shell.

Knock it right.

After the eggs are cooked, tap the eggs before peeling. If you have proper tools, such as knives, tap along the surface of the eggs. If you don't have any tools, it doesn't matter. Smash the eggs gently, roll them back and forth on a smooth desktop, and then peel the eggs half as hard.

Start from the round end

When you take an egg up, you will find that it has a sharp end and a round end. The round end is the air chamber of the egg, which is the place where the gas is stored. The reason why the eggshell is not easy to peel is that after heating, the carbon dioxide in the egg will expand after heating, making the gap between the protein and the eggshell smaller, or even stick together.

Therefore, as long as we use some methods, such as pricking holes with needles in the air chamber of the egg before cooking, and peeling from the round head when peeling, we can quickly exhaust the gas and make the gap between the protein and the egg shell appear, which is easier to peel.

Don't forget to soak in cold water

The principle of hot rising and cold shrinking is also useful when peeling eggs. Through the cold water, the material in the eggshell is compressed, and the eggshell is easy to peel. Even if the egg is hard to peel, it will naturally peel off in the cold water!