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How to modify the daily limit of yu'ebao in 2017

How to modify the daily limit of yu'ebao in 2017 Recently, yu'ebao has adjusted the transfer quota, which is limited to 20000 yuan per day for individual users. This is not the first time that yu'ebao has adjusted the quota this year, but it brings some troubles to many users with more transfer users. What should we do? How can yu'ebao daily quota be modified? Let's have a look!

On December 7, 2017, Tianhong Fund announced to adjust the daily (natural day) subscription amount of yu'ebao to 20000 yuan, that is to say, the application for subscription of the individual trading account of the investor accumulatively exceeding 20000 yuan per day will not be accepted, and this measure will be implemented from 0:00 on December 8.

Tianhong Fund said the move is to maintain the stable operation of yu'ebao and safeguard the fundamental interests of investors. At the same time, the provisions on the amount of RMB 100000 held in the personal trading account of yu'ebao remain unchanged. In addition, this adjustment will not affect other service functions such as transfer out of yu'ebao.

Over 98% users of yu'ebao will not be affected

Tianhong Fund said in an interview that the average amount held by yu'ebao is only 3885.14 yuan, far lower than the limit of 20000 yuan per day, so the adjustment has no impact on more than 98% of yu'ebao users.

Since its launch in 2013, yu'ebao has always adhered to the position of Inclusive Finance. The funds it absorbed are mainly the change used by ordinary people for daily shopping and consumption. Its small amount and scattered characteristics are very distinct. By the end of the third quarter of 2017, yu'ebao has generated 104.883 billion yuan of revenue for users since its establishment.

According to the analysis of the insiders, yu'ebao was originally developed by serving 'long tail users'. This active regulation and control helps yu'ebao further strengthen the positioning of small cash management tools and maintain the long-term stable operation of yu'ebao.

How to modify the daily limit of yu'ebao?

According to the current provisions of the balance treasure, the daily limit can not be modified unless there are multiple Alipay accounts.