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What is the matter of McDonald's plasticizer detected by McDonald's

What is the matter of McDonald's plasticizer detected by McDonald's Recently McDonald's plasticizer incident has aroused public doubt again. McDonald's food safety problem can't stand the test? It's reported that two McDonald's stores in Shanghai have detected plasticizer in recent days. What's the matter? How does McDonald's deal with it? Let's take a look at it!

What's wrong with McDonald's?

On December 4, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of consumer protection issued a report on the inspection of the 29 popular greasepad stores in Shanghai, including some big brand stores and online Red stores, and found many problems.

The results showed that the aluminum content of the oil bars in a wanghong restaurant on Chengshan road in Shanghai exceeded the standard by 9 times; the polarity component of the oil bars in xinyadabao was the highest, and it was suspected that the oil pan would not be changed for a long time; the DEHP value of the oil bars in a McDonald's restaurant in Shanghai was 1.35mg/kg, which was close to the upper limit of the national temporary limit value.

In addition, some samples, including KFC Kongjiang Road store, were found to have high content of saturated fatty acids. KFC's representatives were absent from the meeting.

Although it was found that there was a problem, how did McDonald's store react?

On the afternoon of December 5, a reporter from Securities Daily came to a McDonald's restaurant near the North Third Ring Road. Although it was not at the peak of the afternoon meal, the McDonald's restaurant was still full of people. In terms of ordering environment, the number of manual ordering counters has been reduced from 3 to 4 to 1, and the location of self-service ordering machines is obvious. After the experience, the reporter found that the landing of the fully intelligent ordering machine in the store really improved the efficiency of ordering and reduced the queuing phenomenon.

However, the staff of McDonald's Beijing store did not seem to receive any information about the recent detection of plasticizer in Shanghai McDonald's store. A person in charge of McDonald's Beijing store said that it was not known that the plasticizer of the oil stick was close to the upper limit of the temporary national limit. 'we only sell oil chips at breakfast time, and we offer hamburgers, French fries and so on the most in the rest of the time. '

Liu, a nutritionist and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, told Securities Daily: 'in fact, the problem of plasticizer is not very big when the fried dough sticks are checked. However, we need to pay attention to the amount of plasticizer. Excessive intake of food containing plasticizer will cause gender disorder, precocious puberty, lower reproductive capacity and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in children. '

McDonald's response

That night, McDonald's issued a statement saying that it was confirmed that there was no plasticizer added to the fried dough sticks and their packages sold in McDonald's restaurants during the production process, so consumers should be assured of eating them. McDonald's is further investigating the reason why the plasticizer was detected on the oil stick.