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What's the reason for the success of the hunting ground? What's the outcome of the success

What's the reason for the success of hunting ground? What's the outcome of the success Huicheng success in the hunting ground is the person around zhengqiudong. Zhengqiudong also taught him many things. However, Huicheng is obviously restless. When his personal expansion reaches a certain level, he will frequently change jobs. This behavior also laid a tragic fate for him.

You can learn a lot from Zheng Qiudong to prepare for the future job hopping. However, someone found that Hui successfully went to prison. Do you know what happened to Hui successfully? Hui successfully kept on hopping, violating the contract law, and did Hui succeed in prison because of job hopping? Hui Chenggong's job hopping from Zheng Qiudong company was just in time for the expiration of the contract, but the subsequent job hopping was just started soon, and he will Has anyone accused Hui of successfully violating the contract?

When Hui Chenggong appeared beside Zheng Qiudong, Hui Chenggong was honest, but some careful Netizens found that he had obviously done well in the interview. It should be that Hui succeeded in changing jobs in violation of the contract law and was sued by her former boss. After Hui succeeded in getting out of prison, she met Zheng Qiudong.

Hui Chenggong has learned a lot from Zheng Qiudong, but he was born uneasy, so he soon changed his job. No one stopped him from changing his job, and he was up to the end of the contract. Zheng Qiudong didn't tear up his face with Hui Chenggong. Hui Chenggong was very persistent about the job change after he tasted the sweetness.

But not everyone is as talkative as Zheng Qiudong. Huicheng always works in one company and jumps to the next company soon. Every company must sign a contract. Everyone is disgusted with Huicheng's frequent job hopping. Maybe when will Huicheng stand up and tell Huicheng that Huicheng violates the contract law.

Huichenggong frequently uses job hopping to get higher salary, which violates the regulations of some companies, and huichenggong's performance in the play is unsatisfactory, so huichenggong's successful ending is likely to be spent in prison.