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How to query overdue mortgage

How to query overdue mortgage

Now the house price is very high. If you plan to buy a house with a loan, the loan fee you pay is also very high under normal circumstances. If you don't repay on time, how can you inquire if you are overdue? Let's take a look.

1、 How to check overdue mortgage

Personal credit records are kept in the credit reference system of the people's Bank of China.

① You can try to log in the website of the credit reference center of the people's Bank of China to query credit reports and personal credit records;

② At present, some branches of CMB can also query personal credit reports through counters and professional editions.

2、 Housing loan

Also known as home mortgage. Housing loan refers to the application for housing mortgage loan submitted by the buyer to the bank, and the legal documents such as ID card, income certificate, housing sales contract, letter of guarantee, etc., which must be submitted. After passing the examination, the bank promises to grant the loan to the buyer, and according to the housing sales contract provided by the buyer and the mortgage loan contract signed by the bank and the buyer To register and notarize the real estate mortgage, and the bank shall transfer the loaned funds directly into the account of the selling unit in the bank within the time limit specified in the contract.