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How to wash the blood on the bed sheet? How to wash the blood off when the bed sheet is dry

How to wash the blood on the bed sheet? How to wash the blood off when the bed sheet is dry

Four seas net: the woman always has a few days big aunt visit, blood flow not only, get the menstrual blood to the bedspread or quilt cover is also a regular thing, so how to wash can be the cleanest? The following small make-up teach you a few tips to clean the bedspread! Let's have a look together!

How to remove the blood on the bed sheet quickly and wash it with special washing liquid

The bedspread does not need to be stained with water first, then smear it on the bloodstain with special washing liquid, leave it for about 5 minutes, scrub the bloodstain, and then wash it regularly.

Because the bloodstain is too long, it may not be cleaned thoroughly. You can wring the bed sheet dry, and then paste the bloodstain part on the bottom of the basin. Use the colored clothes and the 1 / 4 bottle cap (10g) collar to clean the bloodstain part. Cover the bloodstain part with other parts of the bed sheet to prevent air drying, and then leave in dark for 2 hours.

If the bloodstain has not been removed for two hours, add some water to wet the sheet and put it overnight. After washing, the blood on the sheet can be washed thoroughly.

Oxalic acid concentrate cleaning

The old blood stains on the bedspread will turn black brown. That's because the iron in the hemoglobin is oxidized in the air and rust is generated. It can be washed out with oxalic acid thick liquid. Oxalic acid can turn rust into colorless substance and dissolve it into water.

Wash radish with salt water

If you find old blood stains on the bed sheet, you can wash it with cold water or salt water first, then put a cloth on the back of the blood stain, spread the white radish mud on the blood stain, rub it hard, and finally wash it with clean water.

Ammonia or hydrogen peroxide cleaning

The bloodstain on the bed sheet has been stained for a long time. You can wipe the bloodstain with 10% ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide. After a period of time, wash it with cold water. If it is still not clean, wash it with 10% - 15% oxalic acid solution, and finally rinse it with clear water.

Underwear cleaner cleaning

You can choose to use underwear cleaner to clean the old blood stains. First, wet the bed sheet where the blood stains are, then rub the underwear cleaner for a few times, and then wash the blood stains according to the normal washing procedure.

Sulfur soap cleaning

No matter new or old bloodstains can be removed with sulfur soap. The effect is better. First wet the bloodstains on the bed sheet with cold water, and then apply sulfur soap. Scrub hard to remove them quickly.

Lemon juice cleaning

The effect of lemon juice is better. The old blood stains on the bed sheet can also be soaked and scrubbed with lemon juice and salt water, which can be effectively removed.

How to wash out the blood stains on the bed sheet when it is dry (1) because the blood contains protein, which is not easy to dissolve when it is heated, so hot water is not available to remove the blood stains.

(2) if you drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the bloodstain (sold in the drugstore), or brush it with white radish juice, you can also remove the bloodstain quickly.

(3) new and old blood stains can be rubbed and cleaned with sulfur soap.

(4) the traces can also be washed with lemon juice and salt water.

(5) wipe the blood stained part with ginger slices, and then wash it with a towel dipped in cold water to leave no trace.

How often do you change the bed sheets? The best summer

It's needless to say that in summer, the sheets should be changed most frequently. It's recommended to wash them once every three days. In summer, there will be a lot of bacteria and residues on the sheets. In summer, the human body will emit a lot of sweat, which is also a major pathogen. It not only smells bad, but also is very bad for the body. So in summer, it's more time to change the laundry.

spring and autumn

In spring and autumn, don't think that bacteria have not started to reproduce. In fact, it's the fastest when the weather is getting warmer. In spring and autumn, it's best to wash the bed sheets once a week. That way, we can keep the bed sheets clean, and at the same time, it's good for our health, so that you can live a healthy and comfortable life every day.


Many people think that in winter, the sheets can be changed for a long time, because in winter, the sheets are not easy to get dirty if they sweat less. In fact, the dirty sheets are invisible to our eyes. Although it is in winter, it is recommended to change them frequently. In winter, it is best to change them once every two to three weeks.