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What are the tourist attractions in Fushun? What are the interesting places around Fushun

Friends who want to travel around Fushun have come to see, where are the fun places in Fushun, and where are the places that must go around Fushun, so let's go to understand together!

Fushun Royal polar ocean world

Located in Gaowan Economic Development Zone at the junction of Shenyang and Fushun, 5 kilometers away from Fushun exit of Shenyang Fushun expressway, covering an area of 600 mu. It is the largest royal polar ocean world amusement project in Asia. Tour items include: polar area, beluga display area, giant shark feeding area, Great Barrier Reef Mermaid show, dolphin show hall, tropical rain forest area, four theme undersea tunnel area, marine science popularization area, etc.

Red River Canyon drifting AAAA

Red River Canyon drifting is a part of Qingyuan Red River Canyon National Forest Park, 20 kilometers away from the county, 100 kilometers away from Fushun City, 150 kilometers away from Shenyang City. After two years of digging mountains, digging stones, paving roads and erecting bridges, we have just opened a road in the rolling mountains. Starting from shahetun, the source of the canyon, a service area has been built in the middle of the 25 kilometer long Canyon according to the national AAAA standard, with landing wharf, dressing room, bathing room, boiler room, restaurant, residence, rest room, shopping center, etc. built to provide considerate services for tourists.

The Red River Canyon drifts from shahezitun, dashuhe Township, to yaozhangou, with a total length of 12.8 km. The reach has a rainfall collection area of 784 square kilometers, with abundant water and clear water without pollution. The width of the river varies from 20 to 50 meters, the average water depth is about 1 meter, and the drop is moderate. There are 20 slow sections and 20 fast sections, respectively. On both sides of the drifting area, there are dense forests, strange rocks and rare wild birds. It is a primitive scene. The river flows down the mountain with thousands of twists and turns, and the winding path leads to seclusion. It has the feeling of 'no road from mountain to mountain, another village with bright flowers on Liuan'. The scenery is extremely unique. It is a rare natural drifting place in northern China. The drifting period can reach about 4 months.

Hetuala City

It is a key cultural relic protection unit in Liaoning Province and a national AAAA tourist attraction. It is an ancient city with a history of more than 400 years. In 1616 ad (the 44th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty), Nurhachi ascended the throne here, called Khan, and established the Dajin regime, which is known as Houjin in history. As a result, hetuala city became the first capital of the later Jin Dynasty. Emperor Taiji of the Qing Dynasty respected hetuala city as "Tianjun Xingjing". In the past, the Manchu 'Eight Banners cavalry' went to the whole country from here, and established the last dynasty in Chinese history, the Qing Dynasty.

Fushun Houshi Forest Park AAAA

Houshi National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Muqi Town, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. In the center of the park, there is a natural boulder that looks like "golden monkey worships the moon" standing on the mountain peak, hence the name of the park. Houshi National Forest Park was founded in 1993, and was approved as a provincial forest park by the provincial forestry department in July 1994. The total area of the scenic spot is 2400 hectares, and the forest coverage rate is 96.7%. The scenic spot is 7.5 kilometers long and narrow, with an average altitude of 520 meters and the highest altitude of 1131 meters. The park is composed of six scenic spots, including more than 40 natural and cultural landscapes, such as boating, camel turning back, Qiyun stone, Tiancheng Maitreya Buddha and the longest flat stone in China. There are many kinds of exotic plants, rare tree species and wild animals such as Magnolia tiannv and Taxus chinensis. Houshi National Forest Park is based on its own forest resources, relying on forest landscape, supplemented by other natural landscapes, and embellished with cultural landscape. It is a collection of majestic, strange, dangerous, beautiful and secluded mountains.

Leifeng Memorial Hall in Fushun

Located at No. 61, east section of Heping Road, Wanghua District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, it is near the former military station where Lei Feng lived, covering an area of 99900 square meters. It is one of the "national 100 patriotism education demonstration bases" and "national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction", and one of the first batch of key martyrs memorial building protection units in China.