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After 90's, nearly 250000 people got married and went back to before liberation one night

After 90's, nearly 250000 people got married and went back to before liberation one night in recent years, many people have found that the pressure of life is increasing and the expenditure of living consumption is increasing. What doesn't match with it is that the salary hasn't increased much. Even an ordinary wedding costs nearly 250000 yuan, which is more than 20 times the average monthly income of Beijing, making many young people overwhelmed. Many single dogs say they have finally found the reason why they are not married!

Short skirt, perspective, custom wedding dress 20000 start

Since the 1980s, wedding dress has gradually become popular. Until a few years ago, most brides in China still rent wedding dress. However, the reporter found at the wedding fair that more than half of the exhibition's dress exhibitors are custom-made wedding agencies. In addition to the traditional retro tailing, these wedding dresses also have the styles of bra, shoulder and so on, which are popular in recent two years. Some businesses also bring the wedding dresses with three-dimensional flowers, Choker neck chain, bubble sleeves and other fashionable elements. Design bold wedding dress, not only use short skirt design, upper body also designed into perspective style, wear more sexy. In addition, in addition to the traditional white, champagne color, light blue wedding dress can also be seen.

According to Mr. Xiao Changhong, deputy secretary-general of China marriage Expo, more and more brides choose customized wedding dresses in recent years. From 2016-2017 orders of China marriage Expo, the proportion of customized wedding dresses has increased from 20% to 45%, showing a rapid rising trend, and the demand is more and more diversified. 'most of the post-90s are only children. They are more independent and don't want to wear the same style as others, and don't want to wear the style that others wear. Therefore, the unique customized wedding dress is naturally more popular. 'Mr. Xiao Changhong, Deputy Secretary General of China marriage Expo, said.

And the price of such customized wedding dress is quite considerable. The reporter consulted a number of customized wedding dress exhibitors, and the price of these wedding dresses was mostly between 20000 and 30000. 'if there are special requirements in fashion design, it may be more expensive. '

The reporter noticed that not only the wedding dress, but also the institution specialized in the groom's dress customization appeared in the wedding fair. In addition, there are mother's clothes specially prepared for the mother of the bride.

More than two years' salary has been spent, with an average of 250000 for a wedding

In fact, Gaoding dress is not the biggest expenditure in the wedding. The post-90s are willing to spend money on all aspects of the wedding.

According to the latest statistics of professional organizations of China marriage Expo, the average consumption of Beijing newlyweds in marriage (excluding marriage rooms, decoration, the same below) is about 248000 yuan. The latest average monthly salary in Beijing is 9791 yuan, which means that the cost of a wedding is the sum of more than two years' wages of young people at the average monthly salary level.

Among them, the expenditure of wedding banquet Hotel accounts for the largest part of the whole wedding, up to 100000 yuan, accounting for 40.3%. Other expenses include 50000 yuan for wedding service, 25000 yuan for honeymoon travel, 25000 yuan for jewelry, 20000 yuan for wedding dress, 20000 yuan for wedding supplies and 8000 yuan for wedding photography.

According to the data, although the number of married people is decreasing year by year, the amount of marriage consumption is increasing year by year. Take the wedding photography industry as an example. Two years ago, there were a lot of new couples in Beijing who chose a set of 5000 yuan to 6000 yuan, but now it has risen to about 8000 yuan. In addition to the rise in unit price, the number of wedding purchase items has gradually increased, for example, jewelry, from the past "pair Ring + gold", to a new consumption mode of "pair Ring + proposal Diamond Ring + gold + wristwatch".