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Why is Lu Benwei called the "Five Five Year Plan"? The origin of Lu Benwei's name

for many people who often play video games, the name of Lu Benwei must be no stranger. Do you know why Lu Benwei is called "five five open"? What do you mean by "five five" Many netizens will be full of doubts as soon as they see the word "three ugliness in e-Competition". People who don't understand it may think it's three people, indeed three people, but it's also one person: white, 55 Kai, Lu Benwei. These three people all refer to the same person, the single player of the royal family in S3 period, the real name is Lu Benwei, and the game ID is white.

The origin of the 55th opening is very simple: when I went to the United States to participate in the S3 finals, I was asked how my skills were compared with faker, the strongest single in the world at that time.

White replied confidently: 'open 55, I often kill him & hellip;' and because in the finals, they were crushed by SKT, faker was crushed by white in three matches. So this 55 Kai became a nickname for blackmailing him later.

Personal information of Lu Benwei

Lu Benwei, ID: wh1t3zz, former hero League Division of Royal E-sports club, retired after winning the second place in S3 Global final. He has won the titles of 2011tga Chengdu champion, 2011tga finals champion, 2011wcg China champion, 2013s3 global finals China champion, 2013s3 global finals runner up, etc.

Now he often appears in TGA and Qihuang as commentator of the hero league games, and he will also broadcast the game live in fighting fish, with a million attention. S1 rank is the first Chinese in the top 10 of USF (No. 6 in the best score).

Make good use of Assassin Zhongdan, and be the first fish man in national costume. It enjoys a high reputation in both US and national service. It often publishes technical notes on Hong Kong lol forum, which is of great personal ability.

On January 8, 2015, white and strawberry, curly hair, smile and lucky made five rows on douyu TV, opening a new chapter of his live broadcast on douyu TV. 55 open is the former royal single player white, retired after winning the second place in the S3 global finals.