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Three kinds of food for women's anemia after 20 years old

Three kinds of food for women's anemia after 20 years old

Sihaiwang: because of physiological reasons, women are easy to cause anemia. After 20 years old, women are prone to anemia under the pressure of childbearing and family. What kind of food can women eat for anemia? Here are three kinds of food to eat more.

I. women aged 20 are most likely to suffer from anemia

Women are the main group of anemia. Women of all ages are likely to have anemia, of which women aged 20-30 are the most likely to have anemia. What is the reason for this?

The age of 20 is the beginning of female maturity and the best period of physiological function. Due to menstrual and reproductive problems, women are prone to anemia, especially iron deficiency anemia. If a woman has dizziness and lack of energy, especially when she suddenly stands up while sitting, her eyes are black, or her eyes are full of Venus, most of them are anaemia. According to the survey, 64% of the women in this period will have different degrees of anemia.

2. Three kinds of food must be eaten to replenish blood in winter

What is good to eat for anemia? What should we do for female anemia? After 20 years of age, female anemia mainly relies on diet regulation. Attention should be paid to supplement iron, protein and vitamin in diet. The most common three kinds of food can play a very good blood tonic effect.

1, red dates

Jujube is the first choice food for people who need blood supply. It contains a lot of adenosine cyclophosphate. It can regulate the metabolism of human body, make new cells generate rapidly, eliminate dead cells quickly, and enhance the hematopoietic function of bone marrow and the content of red cells in blood.

2, pumpkin

The nutritional value of pumpkin is mainly reflected in its rich vitamins, as well as a certain amount of iron and phosphorus. These substances play an important role in maintaining the physiological function of the body. Recently, it has been found that there is also a 'cobalt' component in pumpkin, which can replenish blood after eating.

3, grapes

It is a good tonic product for the weak anaemia, which can nourish Qi and blood, warm the kidney, have a better effect on anaemia and thrombocytopenia, and have a better tonic effect on neurasthenia and over fatigue.