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Is it possible to visit Bali now that the eruption of Bali volcano is imminent?

At least 60000 tourists were stranded Thursday after more than 400 flights were cancelled due to an early warning of the eruption of the algon volcano in Bali, Indonesia. So for tourists who want to visit Bali in the near future, it's better to wait until the volcano enters the dormancy period!

When the reporter of science and technology daily contacted Miss Li, a Chinese tourist, she was driving to Surabaya airport in the east of Java island. 'now it's said that a lot of people are sleeping in Bali airport waiting for news, and another 10000 people are running to Surabaya like me. "She left Bali by boat, boarded Java and took a bus for another 10 hours. Miss Li, who didn't care about the boat car and Lawton, didn't get a ticket to leave as soon as possible." there were no tickets before Friday. "Miss Li said that during her tour in Bali, she did not see the black smoke from the Argonne volcano.

It is reported that since the 21st, volcano Argonne has been spewing ash and smoke, with a maximum ash column of 4000 meters and red light. Indonesia's national disaster relief administration raised the early warning of the eruption of the Bali volcano to the highest level Wednesday, temporarily shutting down the local international airport, and expanding the evacuation area from a 7.5km radius around the volcano to 10km, covering 22 villages and 100000 people. According to the disaster relief agency, the sound from the eruption can be heard 12 kilometers away and "a larger eruption may be about to erupt".

'maybe within a week. Liu Jiaqi, a famous geologist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters according to the internationally accepted early warning mechanism of volcanic eruption.

At present, volcanic eruption can be predicted. Liu Jiaqi said that unlike the early warning and prediction of earthquakes, when a volcano is in a fixed place, it can not only be observed, but also be comprehensively monitored by means of geophysical, geochemical, geological, biological and other methods to predict whether a volcano has reached the time of eruption and the intensity of eruption. According to the dynamic conditions such as the state and nature of magma, we can judge the type and scale of volcanic eruption. 'the common ones are spillover type and explosive type. Argonne volcano belongs to explosive type, which is much more destructive than that of the spillover type in Hawaiian Islands. "Liu Jiaqi said.

Through the volume of ejecta, volcanic cloud and qualitative observation, we can measure the intensity of volcanic eruption, namely volcanic eruption index. 'based on the historical data and experience, the eruption index of Argonne volcano may be 2-3. It is in the northeast of Bali, and it should not cause devastating damage to the tourism resources in the south. "As an expert on volcanoes, Liu Jiaqi is more calm than ordinary people. He said that there are 50-70 volcanoes erupting every year on average in the world.

Prediction does not represent fact. 'safety first, evacuation is necessary. According to Liu Jiaqi, it's rare for a volcano to erupt. Many people are lucky enough to wait for a 'safe' view. 'we can't really know the severity until the volcano erupts, but it's too late to run. "Liu Jiaqi said.