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Lanzhou to Hulunbuir prairie tourism strategy Lanzhou to Hulunbuir tourism transportation route

The most important thing in tourism is transportation. First, we have to choose a mode of transportation in order to reach the tourist destination. But there are many modes of transportation now, and many people don't know how to choose. Second, we don't want to spend too much money on transportation, so it's difficult to choose. Let's have a look at the transportation mode from Lanzhou to Hulunbuir.

How can I get to Hulunbeier from Lanzhou?

Air transit: Lanzhou Beijing Hailar

Air rail combination:

Lanzhou Harbin Hailar Beijing Hulunbeier flight schedule

Although there is no direct train from Lanzhou to Hulunbuir, it can transfer from Harbin in Northeast China.

Lanzhou to Harbin flight schedule

Harbin Hulunbeier train timetable transfer: Harbin Hailar (train)

The flight and train cost from Lanzhou to Hulunbeier

It seems that how do we get to Hulunbuir from Lanzhou as mentioned by Xiaobian above? Do you understand that we have two choices: one is transfer by plane, and the other is transfer by train. So, how do we choose these two modes of transportation? Xiaobian will help you analyze it!

The first is the transportation route from Beijing to Hulunbuir, which costs about 2600 yuan, including the transportation cost from Lanzhou to Beijing. The air fare is about 1300 yuan, and the air fare from Beijing to Hulunbuir is about 1300 yuan.

Beijing's transportation is very convenient and developed, with transportation routes to all parts of China, but the flow of people is also large, so when you buy tickets, you must pay attention to buy in advance. Avoid being unable to buy tickets.

Harbin is the economic and cultural center of Beijing, and the natural transportation is also very convenient, so it is very convenient to choose here as a transfer station.

From Lanzhou to Hulunbuir, Harbin is the transit route. The transportation cost is about 2300 yuan, which is relatively cheaper than the plane, but there is not much difference. Including from Lanzhou to Harbin, the air price is more than 2000 yuan.

Harbin to Hulunbuir Hailar station train, hard sleeper ticket is about 300 yuan, or very cheap, Xiaobian think this is Lanzhou to Hulunbuir the most economical way of transportation. You can refer to these prices to choose. If you want a shorter time, then choose the plane.

If you want to save money, then you choose the train.

Well, about how to get to Hulunbuir from Lanzhou and the cost of transportation, Xiaobian has helped you sort out, I hope you are helpful, there is always a body and soul on the road, if you want to travel here, want to see Hulunbuir, then start planning your travel!

Choose a suitable season, July is the best season in Hulunbuir, but at this time, there are more tourists, so Xiaobian suggests that you book tickets in advance, so as not to buy tickets, which will affect your travel!