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Go to bed. Wake up. Let's go. What's the problem? Screen of netizen brain toning star coaxing childr

Sleep, wake up, go, etc. What is the hindrance? In fact, it is a group of imaginary stars coax children's dialogue according to the arrangement of netizens. But is it funny to read?

A group of imaginary conversations between stars and children

Go to sleep, wake up, go, etc. ~ Zhang Ziyi coaxes her daughter to sleep: 'go to sleep, wake up, go to sleep, wake up & hellip; & hellip; & hellip;'

Deng Chao urges his son: 'go, wait, go, wait & hellip; & hellip;'

Yang Mi shows her daughter rice: 'this is rice, glutinous rice, this is rice, glutinous rice...'

Xia Yu comforts his daughter: 'stop crying, ha ha, ha ha & hellip; & hellip;'

Wu Jing encourages his son: 'work harder, don't care, work harder, don't care...'

Who thought of this? It's so powerful