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Can pregnant women use electric blanket in winter

Can pregnant women use electric blanket in winter many families use electric blankets for heating in winter, which are convenient to use and fast to heat up. However, many people are worried about the safety and radiation of electric blankets, and dare not use them for pregnant women. Is there radiation in electric blankets? Can pregnant women use them? Let's share the answer!

What is the effect of electric blanket on pregnant women

The influence of electric blanket on pregnant women is manifested in headache, dizziness, memory loss, inattention, depression, irritability, skin aging, dyspnea, backache and so on.

If pregnant women use electric blanket all night, it may cause abortion. If pregnant women use electric blanket for a long time, it may cause fetal malformation.

Although it is said that a new type of non radiation electric blanket has been launched, do not believe that these electric blankets have radiation, so pregnant women should not use electric blankets. When the electric blanket is electrified, it will produce strong electromagnetic radiation, which will do great harm to human body. When pregnant women use electric blanket, the brain, nerves, bones, heart and other important organs and tissues of the fetus may be permanently damaged.

What are the precautions for using electric blanket

1. Purchase safety electric blanket with small radiation

When purchasing electric blanket, try to choose a new type of safety electric blanket, which is less radiant energy, more suitable for the use of the elderly and children, with a higher safety factor.

2. Avoid children's use

Although it is said that the electric blanket can be used for children, children who often urinate in bed should not use it. Once they urinate on the electric blanket, it will cause danger, not only corrosion of the electric blanket, but also electric shock.

3. The electric blanket is afraid of bending or rubbing, so it's better to lay a thick layer of mattress on the electric blanket to prevent the electric blanket from bending or rubbing.

4. Electric blanket should not be overheated

When using the electric blanket, the temperature should be well controlled. It is advisable to unplug the electric blanket in time when the quilt is warm. Do not let the electric blanket overheat, which is harmful to human health.

5. Try to choose brand electric blanket

If you want to use the electric blanket safely, you still need to buy a brand. The quality is excellent, the after-sales service is guaranteed, and it is safe and durable to use.