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Message blessing for Chongyang Festival in 2018 no separation in 60 years, seven old and eighty hand in hand, a total of eight thousand miles of cloud and moon, looking back with a tight smile, September 9 Double Ninth Festival, wish the elderly and parents all over the world health, happiness and longevity!

6636, life without worry; 7749, peace holding your hand; 8864, goose with blessing; 9981, good luck to you. The Double Ninth Festival is coming. I wish you and your family happiness in advance.

The Double Ninth Festival comes quietly, the red maple leaves flutter down, the golden rice rolls in, and the thousand words of blessing go gently. Wish you Double Ninth Festival: happy every second! Happy every moment! Sweet every moment! Happy all day!

Bright on behalf of my sincere voice, the sun on behalf of my burning enthusiasm. Wind is my passion horn, rain is my high spirited drum, no matter when and where you are, my blessing is like a shadow, accompanying Chongyang blessing message!

The old man is a treasure, we protect it! More greetings, more care, more clothes, more cold protection, more considerate, more warmth, more careful care! The Double Ninth Festival is coming, I wish the old man health, also wish you a happy Double Ninth Festival!

Blue sky as the letter cover, white clouds as the letter paper, stars are my express mail; send you the breeze to make you relaxed and happy, send you the drizzle to wash away your tired sweat, send you the rainbow to the dream journey. I wish you a happy Double Ninth Festival!

Good mouth and good heart are indispensable. Everyone is happy, healthy and happy. Sugar and wine are sweet for a long time. You have, I have, everybody has. Pick up the phone and push the button. Send me a blessing, but can't slip away. The Double Ninth Festival is full of happiness.

The air is filled with joy, the treetops are filled with blessings, the warmth of Chongyang is waving, and the passion of the festival is gushing. I would like to turn into breeze, sunshine and white clouds to bring you happiness, health and wealth. Happy Double Ninth Festival!

Maybe you don't know why Chongyang wants to climb high, why Chongyang wants to insert dogwood, why Chongyang wants to appreciate chrysanthemum, but I know that sending this message is to bring you sincere blessing! Happy Chongyang Festival!

Look at the setting sun, there is no need to be melancholy. Near dusk, I wish you a beautiful and happy festival! The autumn wind is blowing slowly, the Double Ninth Festival, steamed millet cake, prepared chrysanthemum wine, waiting to share with you. I wish you happiness!

Bumpy days, I quietly sing for you, plain sailing days, I silently bless you, the Double Ninth Festival days, I quietly send you blessings. Happy Chongyang!

Greetings, is the autumn wind to convey my thoughts; inch care, is the flow of water to my wish; sound blessing, is the mobile phone to send my blessing. Although busy can't get together, but never forget you, Double Ninth Festival wish you happy!

Chrysanthemum fragrance, double ninth, long life. Chongyang cake, fragrant and sweet, is always happy to be a living immortal. Life is only a hundred years, every day I look forward to sunny days. On the Double Ninth Festival, please take good care of your health and live a long life!

Chrysanthemum quietly opened, Chongyang quietly came, this is a season full of hope, I wish you harvest the happiness of love, harvest the joy of smooth career, happy family, everything you want, I wish my greetings can bring you happiness, happy holidays!

Chrysanthemum fragrance, cool autumn wind, high and distant, happy and comfortable, planted dogwood everywhere, wish each other health, Double Ninth Festival, brothers together, old friends meet again, express heart, family friendship, with autumn high, spend Double Ninth Festival together, celebrate well-being.

Chrysanthemum brilliant open, give you a long time of happiness, autumn breeze gently blowing, give you a long time of peace, moonlight soft sprinkle, give you a long time of sweet, dew long turn, give you a long time of health. Happy Chongyang!

Wine is the eternal wine of friendship, long time is the long time, nine is the nine of 5689. The Double Ninth Festival, send you friendship evergreen wine, wish you and I friendship forever, I wish you a bumper harvest, 66 big Shun, 88 big fat happy 99!

The fragrance of wine is the innocence of friendship; the fragrance of chrysanthemum is the joy of gathering. During the Double Ninth Festival, let's enjoy the wine and enjoy the autumn chrysanthemum together. Today is the Double Ninth Festival. Let's get together to talk about the past and raise our ideals together. Happy Chongyang!

On the national day of Chongyang for a long time, you can enjoy chrysanthemums by climbing the mountain. In September, you are encouraged to go home to take care of your parents. Only when filial piety is the first, can your career be more brilliant. We should follow the national righteousness, carry on the past and make a fortune!

Long Chongyang, I wish you a sweet life, a good thing, a happy smile, a heavy harvest, a golden fruit, and good luck on the Double Ninth Festival!

Pick a bunch of warm sunshine, add a wisp of late chrysanthemum fragrance, add a hint of autumn breeze to send cool, song a valley echo, send a letter to warm the heart, a long blessing, and to Chongyang, wish you a happy life, never sad.

Pick a cluster of lilies to give you, leisurely climb, refreshing; pick a white cloud to give you, overlooking the long hollow chest comfortable; pick a wisp of autumn to give you, under the foot of the wind, walking light. Happy Double Ninth Festival.

In the past, it was the Double Ninth Festival, and now it is the Double Ninth Festival. When Lanai and Qingfen are surrounded by the bright sun, the sky is auspicious and the people are auspicious. The Double Ninth Festival is coming. I'd like to say a word of peace to my family and friends thousands of miles away. The Double Ninth Festival is a long time of happiness!

Today is the Double Ninth Festival, and it's also the old people's day in China. I wish the old people a broad mind and a happy Double Ninth Festival!

Unconsciously and Chongyang, my blessing is not the same, I wish you a happy life, double harvest in the workplace, love bathed in the sun, happiness always around you, happy family, good health forever! Happy Double Ninth Festival!

Don't forget the brother, is from the distant blessing of the beginning; don't forget the brother, is from the memory of the beginning; don't forget the brother, is from the holiday greetings. On the Double Ninth Festival, I wish my brothers and sisters a lot of happiness and happy events!

Not every festival will celebrate, not every festival has a holiday; and to Chongyang, in this low-key Festival, still think of you, carefully offer my blessing: I wish you a happy Chongyang, always happy

No matter 3721 or 9981, my SMS is the first. Age in the bank, health is the interest; Chongyang as 61, 70 also become 17. I wish you a beautiful mood forever and a happy Double Ninth Festival!

Chrysanthemums everywhere are golden, and fireworks all over the city celebrate the Double Ninth Festival. High Huaiyuan wind flying, a dogwood Miss long. The autumn geese sing in the sky, the flowing water flowing year by year. May you enjoy happiness forever and keep it by your side.

The ability is small, the achievement must be nine battles and nine victories, the career is all over nine industries, love is the return of nine, luck is like nine stars, happiness is flying all over the world, sorrow is like a drop in the bucket, blessing is in the Double Ninth Festival!

I have lost myself in the rush, it is your care that makes me find the direction, I have been at a loss in the toil, it is your greeting that makes me feel warm, in the days of Double Ninth Festival, I sincerely wish you happiness.

Torrential rain can not extinguish the flame of youth, difficulties can not crush the strong heart, thorns can not stop the desire to climb. Take advantage of the autumn wind to send my greetings and my blessing preserved by Dashan. I sincerely wish you a happy Double Ninth Festival.

We should keep our grain in case of famine, have children in case of no support, be more beautiful as the day goes by, take active exercise to strengthen our body, be full of vigor and vitality, and be happy and auspicious with children and grandchildren. I wish you a happy Double Ninth Festival!

Flowers wither, chrysanthemum proud, I smile to the sky. Don't say hello. My blessing has come. Happiness accompanies you every minute, and peace is as beautiful as flowers. Happiness and you rely on each other, I wish you double happiness.

White clouds are my writing paper, meteor is my express mail. Send you rainbow to dream journey, send you breeze let you relaxed and happy, send you drizzle wash away your tired sweat, blue sky as envelope, wish you happy Double Ninth Festival!

White hair collection time, wrinkles fold years, the heart is still cherished, the dream and passion of youth, open the heart that window, shake off the distant thoughts, let the mood happy summit, I wish the Double Ninth Festival happy, longevity!

Save the sunshine to give you warmth; save the moonlight to give you peace; save the lights to drive out the darkness; save the information, you will save the eternal wish! I wish you a happy Double Ninth Festival in advance!

The auspicious steamed in pastries, the wishes placed on the mountains, Chongyang climbing step by step, the eye of heaven and earth, a mountain is higher than a mountain. The Double Ninth Festival, I wish you: brilliant performance, new high, happy mood climb a new high!

Love to find you, I hope you sweet, good luck blocked you, want to give you a dream come true, beautiful around you, thank you for your understanding, success with you, congratulations on your smooth and happy Double Ninth Festival!

Love needs gentleness to care, life needs happiness to embellish, difficulties need tenacity to break through, career needs diligence to treat, friendship needs SMS to contact, good luck, Double Ninth Festival, wish friends happy for a long time!

A burst of autumn wind, a burst of autumn rain, a burst of autumn cool. Wandering in the autumn grassland, there is always a sentimental feeling. Intoxicated in the twilight of autumn grass, the autumn grass all over the ground rises with the wind, scattered golden, mottled with dazzling colors.

The rain in spring puts beautiful clothes on the mountains and fields; the thunder in summer knocks warm drums for life; the wind in autumn sends warm greetings to the fallen leaves; the snow in winter brings loving care to the crops.

Meet you, then met warm, I am intoxicated in your words, charming in your world. I like the way you read poems and listen to the songs you sing. Let's go to see the peach blossom together. You say that you like to see the petals fall on my long hair.

The sunlight outside the window, flying through the catkins, falls into a corner of the glass and folds out the folds of color. I count each deep or shallow imprint, and carve the past into words in the deserted morning wall of memory, which moistens the taste of sunshine in my heart.

Insects and butterflies fly in the low places, hummingbirds spin in the high places, the near places are quiet and serene, and the clouds and rosy clouds are in the distance. When you look at your mother and brother, the lights on the roadside suddenly light up and gently shine on them. They are quiet, beautiful and warm.

It is said that behind a successful man, there is often a woman who supports him in obscurity. Behind a failed man, is there a woman who makes trouble in obscurity?