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How long does it take to walk around the West Lake

The West Lake has a very long cultural history and charm. There are countless allusions, myths and legends here. It is also a place frequented by literati in Jiangnan. It's amazing. How can we enjoy the West Lake? Let's share the detailed introduction of West Lake.

1. It takes about 2.2 hours to walk normally

2. It takes about five hours for young people to see the tour on foot

3. It is estimated that it will take about 15 hours for old people and children to visit the whole west lake

Hangzhou West Lake is an inland lake with an area of 6.39 square kilometers. The perimeter of the whole lake is 15 kilometers. If you simply walk along the lake, you only need more than two hours to complete this task.

Due to the unique history and natural environment of the West Lake, the road distribution here is not built in the shape of a straight line or a lake, which covers some scenic spots. You need to pass through the broken bridge and other scenic spots. If you walk for at least five hours without rest, the time may vary for different people.

For example, recently, someone took the elderly to travel in Hangzhou West Lake. There are two days in total. We mainly travel around the West Lake. Let's share the specific itinerary and arrangements.

At the beginning, they chose to settle down and stay in Hangzhou Weijing international hotel. Then we went to a famous restaurant for dinner and took a taxi to Beishan street for a walk in the afternoon.

We stayed in Weijing international hotel for the convenience of traveling around. On the first morning, we went to the main venue restaurant of G20 summit. In the afternoon, we took a taxi to Beishan street and started walking.

Day 1 route:

Beishan Street - Gushan Park - Zhongshan Park - Pinghu Qiuyue - Jindai bridge - Baidi - Duanqiao - Beishan Street - Hubin Park - Xihu lotus viewing area - Four Parks - Music Fountain - two parks - it took 3 + hours to get back to the hotel.

Day 2 route:

Weijing International Hotel - Pinghai road - LIULANG Wenying Park - Nanshan Road - Leifeng Tower - yanggongdi - Huagang Guanyu - SUDI - SUDI Chunxiao stele Pavilion turn back - Cruise dock - Santan Yinyue dock - walking around xiaoyingzhou Island - Shengtang scenic spot dock - six Parks - Four Parks - music fountain, waiting for sunset and watching music fountain & hellip; & hellip;

Several old people slowly toured the ten sceneries of the West Lake, so they left contentedly. It took about ten hours, including sightseeing, rest and eating.