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On the day of obtaining the certificate, it was found that the woman had high heels, and the groom t

On the day of obtaining the certificate, it was found that the woman had high heels, and the groom to be was furious at the scene. What was the expression of macho we all know about Xiaoli's marriage these two days. Let's see what happened. A few days ago, Xiao Zhang went to his girlfriend Xiao Li's house to pick her up and get her marriage certificate. He found a pair of high-heeled shoes in Xiao Li's bedroom. Xiao Zhang was so angry that he didn't fight with each other. They quarreled and started fighting. It turns out that Xiao Zhang is not very tall. In order to match the two people, Xiao Li promised not to wear high-heeled shoes in the future, and promised to deal with all the high-heeled shoes at home.

The majority of female friends first come to see what is male chauvinism, and well polish their eyes to remind themselves.

Men who have macho ideas, regardless of their family or society, discriminate against their wives' abilities and status. They believe that all power is in the hands of men. Everything has the final say of their own. No matter what's right or wrong, he is right. At any time, he can't lower his head in front of his wife. In the treatment of his wife, there is basically no emotional and spiritual communication. Everything is as he wishes, and if he is not satisfied with something, he will scold him. If he moves, he will meet each other, regardless of the feelings of the other party. It's the same in husband and wife's life. When you want to have sex, no matter what the physical condition of the other party is, no matter whether the other party is interested or not, after the storm, you will fall asleep. For the wife, you will feel raped.

The specific manifestations of this doctrine in the family are:

He has the final say in all matters, and his wife has no decision, voice or even the right to know.

He is always right, his wife is always wrong; he does not do housework, does not look after children, does not want to go shopping with his wife;

He was angry and angry outside, and all the grievances he suffered were made up by his wife, who was his outlet; he was the Lord, his wife was a servant, and his wife should take care of all the housework, and he was used to sitting and enjoying his success;

Outside, he yelled at his wife to protect his man's' dignity ', and she could only swallow her breath;

He demanded his wife to be nice to him, but he didn't pay;

He has an affair himself, but he doesn't allow his wife to have a proper relationship with any man. Even his wife's suspenders and mini skirts can only be worn at home.