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What day is black Friday in 2017? The origin of Black Friday

Black Friday is coming in the United States. You should pay attention to it in advance. Although it has nothing to do with China, you can still buy cheap goods through overseas shopping. Next, let's take a look at what day is black Friday in the United States in 2017. It's estimated that the black wives will start to chop their hands again!

What holiday is black Friday? It originated in Philadelphia, USA. It was originally used to describe the bad road conditions on the second day after Thanksgiving carnival, because after Thanksgiving, there will be endless people and vehicles on the street or going on holiday. These people and vehicles will cause serious traffic jams on that day. The term "Black Friday" refers to the traffic jam after Thanksgiving, which started at least before 1961 and spread from Philadelphia to the whole United States around 1975. Until later, it was replaced by the current version: for businesses, 'Black Friday' represents a node, and from this node, businesses will have a big profit.

Different from the online culture of "singles day" in China, the traditional festivals in western countries are always associated with business opportunities. In the Commonwealth, on the second day after Christmas, businesses are on sale and people are rushing to buy. In the United States, smart businessmen choose to open early the next day after Thanksgiving, the fourth Friday in November.

In addition, according to us news media, Black Friday has become the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since 2005. But this is not accurate, because in the eyes of local people, for a long time, Black Friday has become the busiest and craziest shopping day of the year. Whether it's offline stores or online businesses, the discount during the black five promotion period is very strong. If the local people choose to rush to the physical stores to buy their favorite products, it's normal for them to line up for several hours. Even some people will take tents to line up the night before. As for the craziness of online shopping, just refer to the "double 11" in the past.

The time of Black Friday 2017 in the United States is China's double 11. It's a festival with soft legs. The Black Friday of this year (2017) is: Friday, November 24, 2017, Beijing date.

Black Friday is the second day of Thanksgiving, the fourth Friday in November. At this time, Americans will make big purchases for Christmas, and American physical stores and online shopping malls will carry out the largest discount and promotion activities for various commodities.

The origin of Black Friday in the United States is that Americans traditionally use different colors of ink to keep accounts, among which red ink represents loss and black ink represents profit. After Thanksgiving, the demand for all kinds of goods has increased greatly. Businesses hope to make a lot of money and have black ink on their accounts. Therefore, it is not hard to understand why Westerners call such a crazy shopping day "Black Friday".

There are many theories about the origin of "Black Friday", one of which is that a group of black people go to shopping malls on Friday after Thanksgiving. A more common view is that since it is the first day after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November), followed by the traditional and grand Christmas in the United States, people usually start Christmas shopping, and many stores will have large amount of customers. Traditionally, different colors of ink are used for bookkeeping. Red means deficit, while black means profit. So we call this Friday Black Friday to show that we expect to make profits on this day.

Another way is that the discount activities in stores usually start at midnight (Friday zero) after Thanksgiving, and the next day after Thanksgiving. People who want to buy cheap goods must rush to the mall in the dark and queue up to buy cheap goods, which can also be regarded as the origin of "Black Friday".

However, recently, the four major department stores in the United States announced their support for Alipay's overseas direct mail, which allowed the four major department stores to become Taobao in a second. Because of this, the shopping storm of Black Friday hit China.

How cheap is black Friday? How cheap can the products during the promotion of black five be? For example: Sennheiser hd598 headphones, black five online shopping for $99.99, about 700 yuan in hand, and the domestic price is higher than 1600 yuan. From the Western calendar, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to new year, there are at least two months of long shopping season, during which there must be more than the value of goods. In terms of category, as long as it's not too big or too heavy, you can basically get it back. In terms of classification, clothing, shoes and bags, personal care and make-up, outdoor sports, daily necessities, computer digital, maternal and infant products, and food health care are all "disaster areas".