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King glory Nuwa playing skills share control Nuwa hero

King glory Nuwa playing skills share control Nuwa hero how to fight Nuwa in the king's glory game and how to restrain Nuwa's hero inventory? Let's take a look.

How to restrain the king's glory Nuwa

1. King of Lanling

The moves of the king of Lanling can be invisible, and the delay of Nuwa's skills is high. Most skills need to be predicted. It's hard to block the attack of the other party without seeing the king of Lanling. As a hero assassin, the outbreak is certainly sufficient. As long as she can grasp Nuwa in close quarters, she can hardly escape. Although Nuwa's three skills can transmit a far position, but the reading is relatively long plus this period It can also be interrupted.

2. Miyamoto Musashi

Although Nuwa's 2 skills can store 4 rectangular spaces, which can block the opponent's movement if released, there is a period of time from using to generating a complete space. When Miyamoto takes the opportunity to grasp the displacement, the threat of being close to Nuwa is not great. Nuwa belongs to the poke flow, and the long-distance consumption type is afraid of close combat.

Generally speaking, Nuwa is afraid of heroes with strong displacement and explosion, and assassins in this area are the biggest threat to her, after all, they are specially cut back. If Nuwa happens to cooperate with a high explosion teammate, the threat to players will be even greater.

King glory Nuwa play skill sharing

Own use:

1. You need to pay attention to your teammates all the time. Fast and effective support is the biggest feature of Nuwa!

2. Nuwa's spell attack can not only increase damage, but also affect the duration of the matrix!

Enemy use:

1. Push forward the line quickly, forcing Nuwa not to leave easily.

2. Nuwa's skills need to be predicted. With her own displacement skills, she can easily avoid her attacks.

Introduction to the skills of King glory Nuwa

Passive skill -- brilliant Guide

Each level of Nuwa increases her vision and the range of common attack and skill release. Nuwa's skill damage will mark the target, making the common attack and skill damage caused by friendly forces (including herself) to the target increase their life recovery and movement speed within the duration. This effect can only be triggered once every 0.5 seconds for each attacker.

Skill 1 - command: radiation

Nuwa releases energy to the designated direction, causing spell damage and repulsion effect to the enemies in the path. After hitting the enemies, Nuwa gradually stops and spreads out the cross array, causing spell damage to the hit enemies.

Skill 2 - command: create

Nuwa creates a matrix space at a designated location to prevent enemy units from passing through; the created space will disappear after a period of time, causing explosion to cause spell damage to nearby enemies; Xi's spell strength will extend the duration of the matrix space.

Skill 3 - command: Jump

Nuwa creates cracks, teleports herself to a designated location after a short chant, and causes spell damage to enemies around her;

Passive: Nuwa will trigger the automatic defense mechanism when she is hurt, which will slow down nearby enemies, generate shield and increase movement speed for 2 seconds.

Skill 4 - command: Destroy

After a short delay, Nuwa releases pure energy in the specified direction, causing spell damage to enemies in the path.