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Declaration of death is banned. Who is the declaration of death? Personal data

Declaration of death is banned. Who is the declaration of death? Personal data Recently, after the live broadcast platform punished the death announcement of the game's host, the League of heroes also punished it by suspending it for 20 months. Netizens said that its behavior should be banned for life, so who is the death announcement? What's the real name of the death announcement? Let's have a look!

The League of heroes officials yesterday announced the results of its punishment. The announcement says vasilli will be suspended for 20 months for violence. According to the global punishment rules, January to October is the competition month. As a result, vasilli's suspension will continue until the start of the first season in January 2020.

Officials say that while vasilli's physical assault on his girlfriend can't be conclusively proved, he poses a credible threat of physical violence and death to an unsuspecting individual in his private home, to a greater extent than the most serious and extreme misconduct we thought of when designing global punishment rules. In view of the 10-month ban for threatening other professionals on stage, the punishment for physical intimidation and threats of domestic violence should be more severe.

To this, netizens clapped their hands. Some netizens even think that the declaration of death should be banned for life, 20 months is too few. In fact, however, the game of death has been ruined. The golden age of a professional player is just a few years. Once the ban is issued, two years later, no matter whether the League of heroes can maintain its enthusiasm, there is no place for death announcement in the game.

Real name of declaration of death: Li Weijun

ID: Declaration of death, Vasilii

Team: VG

Location: ADC

Good at Heroes: small guns and other ADC position Heroes

Alias: Declaration of death

Rank score of Meifu: the strongest King

Nationality: People's Republic of China

Nationality: Han

Birthplace: Northeast China

Date of birth: 1994

Occupation: Hero league professional

Main achievements: champion of hero League City championship, top 16 of S4 global finals