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How to use Taobao points

How to use Taobao points there are always Taobao points in Taobao shopping, but most of them don't know the use of Taobao points. The following editor will tell you the use of common Taobao points!

What's the use of Taobao points

1. In tmall shopping deduction cash (100 points = 1 yuan), in the shopping checkout, you will find that the following points offset cash function!

2. In Taobao activities, you can use points to get coupons, such as one point to get 100 minus 50 coupons

3. Take part in the points activities held by the member channel, such as the "small points draw big prize" activities.

Where can I find Taobao points exchange

1. First login Taobao, come to my Taobao, find the box of 88 members, click to enter

2. Enter the page of 88 members, pull down the page to see the tmall points at the top of the page, and click to enter

3. Enter the points details, you can see your own points and the exchange products and activities supported by the current points!

4. Click the activity of drawing bonus points, you can draw bonus points