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How much does it cost to get a driver's license in 2017

How much does it cost to get a driver's license in 2017 I'm going to test my driver's license. I don't know how much the application fee is or how much the test fee is. Here's the price standard. Those who want to learn a driver's license should read it as soon as possible. There are standards in the price regulations and reforms in the test content.

[2017 driving license price regulations]

1. Basic fee and class hour fee for registration: generally, 1000 + registration fee is required for registration. In addition, how much to pay for learning? There are 40 class hours for driving on site and driving on road, which is calculated based on the minimum 100 class hours on average, and costs more than 4000.

2. Pay by time: the training time is divided into working days, weekends and holidays. If the working day fee is between 100-150 yuan, there will be more peak hours.

3. Make up examination fee: if the examination fails, the trainer will increase the training time by no less than 10 class hours according to the situation of the trainees.

After the year of reform, the number of school hours will be reduced and the learning time will be extended

The total class hours of the new model are more than 10 hours less than the original, but the actual operation and learning time of each student should not exceed 4 class hours every day, which means that the coach can't give you a small stove if you can't practice well. For some students who are not proficient and need to take the exam immediately, they will not only increase the risk of suspension, but also delay the progress of learning the car.

The year after is the busiest peak of the year. Compared with the previous years, this year not only has more time-based fees, but also it is more difficult to book a car practice and test. After brushing the class hours, wait for an appointment. It may be extended to more than one year to get the certificate in a few months.

There is no conflict in signing up according to the old model

Shanghai has taken the lead in announcing the implementation date of the new rules. At the same time, it has also stipulated that the traditional training institutions that have formally signed up for class arrangement before the end of this year should adopt the original way of learning cars in accordance with the principle of "old people's method".

On the one hand, the difficulty may increase after the implementation of the new regulations, and the assessment standards of section 2 and section 3 have been increased in some regions; on the other hand, the order of appointment examination is based on the order of reaching the standard after enrollment. So friends who are willing to sign up must make arrangements according to their own situation as soon as possible.

[main contents of driving test reform]

1. Implement classified education and training for drivers. Carry out the specialized training of large passenger and freight cars, optimize the training mode of small car drivers, and meet the personalized and differentiated needs of people.

2. Time training and time charge shall be implemented. Trainees can reserve training time, choose coaches and payment methods independently. We will change the mode of one-time collection of all training fees in advance, and implement time-based training fees, first training and then paying.

3. Pilot small car drivers learn to take the direct test by themselves, and they can practice with their own car, so they don't have to go to driving school to learn the car. In places where conditions permit, pilot non operating small car drivers to take direct self-study examinations. Individuals are allowed to use their own vehicles equipped with safety aids, learn to drive according to the specified route and time under the guidance of the accompanying personnel with safety driving experience and other conditions, and directly apply for the examination.

4. The examination center is transferred to the county. In order to facilitate the people's examination nearby and promote the decentralization and extension of driver's examination business to the county level. For those candidates who have a backlog, they are allowed to choose other examination venues in the province.

5. Apply for examination independently. It provides Internet, telephone, window and other ways to apply for examination. Candidates can choose their own time, place and payment. There is no need to queue up for the examination. More social examination centers will be built to thoroughly solve the problem of insufficient use of school bus venues.

6. Improve the age system of driver's physical examination. Adjust the starting age of physical examination once a year from 60 to 70.

7. Apply for and verify the driver's license in different places. release the restrictions on the application for the driver's license of large and medium-sized passenger and freight cars in different places. If you lose your driver's license, you are not afraid to lose it. You can replace it all over the country. If you lose your driver's license, you don't need to go back to your hometown. You can replace your driver's license in different places nationwide, participate in the driver's license examination, and submit the physical examination certificate.

8. It is allowed to apply for a new driving license for direct examination. Those with driving experience, such as the cancellation of driving license, can directly apply for examination without learning if they meet the conditions.

9. Gradually relax the driving conditions for the disabled. The conditions for applying for a small car driver's license for the group with monocular vision impairment and the disabled with upper limbs shall be relaxed timely.

10. One time appointment and continuous examination are available. Our country will gradually implement the policy of one-time appointment and continuous examination for driving skills test on site and road, reduce the number of round-trip for examinees, and no longer break their legs. Moreover, drivers don't have to worry about not being familiar with the test site. They can watch it for free before the test.

11. Improve the international recognition of driver's license. We will promote the exchange of driver's licenses with other countries and regions, gradually expand the scope of the exchange of driver's licenses, and meet citizens' needs for driving abroad.