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Girls suffer from rare diseases and lose weight when eating spicy food

11 year old girls love spicy strips and suffer from rare 'Crohn's disease'. For many primary and secondary school students, spicy strips are delicious. Are you very happy to eat some at school? But spicy strips contain many harmful substances, so parents should be careful not to let their children eat them! Otherwise, they can only suffer from rare diseases like the girls in the article!

Lingling, an 11-year-old girl from Zitong (not her real name), is particularly fond of spicy sticks with a bag of fifty cents outside the school. In the past year, she has at least two bags a day, many of which have reached five or six bags. Because of this, Lingling suffered from severe diarrhea and abdominal pain. She had diarrhea more than 10 times a day and lost more than 20 kg of weight. Her parents initially thought that it was simple enteritis and the treatment was ineffective for many times. Recently, she was diagnosed with rare Crohn's disease in Mianyang hospital.

At present, Lingling's condition is under control and has been discharged from the hospital. On the 16th, doctors said that Lingling's favorite spicy food was the cause of the disease, which was not easy to cure. Lingling must pay attention to her diet in the future, and should not eat junk food that stimulates her stomach.

Joint consultation

Diagnosed as a rare 'Crohn's disease'

On the morning of the 16th, Zuo Xiaomei, director of gastroenterology department of Mianyang Eighth People's Hospital, introduced that after Lingling was admitted to the hospital, the hospital carried out a number of routine stool examinations, and still found obvious purulent cells, white cells and red cells. No colony growth was found in stool culture for many times, the spectrum of stool bacteria was obviously disordered, and the related indexes of hematoinflammation were significantly increased.

"At that time, there was no typical symptoms of Crohn's disease (mucopurulent stool) in all the indicators examined. We convened a number of departments in the hospital for joint consultation. After repeated discussion, we thought that if Lingling had abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, growth retardation and other symptoms, it was still necessary to consider inflammatory bowel disease first, especially the possibility of Crohn's disease in young people. According to Zuo Xiaomei, the hospital decided to carry out colonoscopy for Lingling so as to make a definite diagnosis. "Through colonoscopy, we found that there were many ulcers of different sizes distributed on the whole large intestine of the child, which were confirmed as Crohn's disease after pathological biopsy. '

At the same time, Zuo Xiaomei also contacted Professor Zhang Sumin, the doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine, an external expert of the inflammatory bowel disease platform, so that Professor Zhang Sumin specifically checked the children and thought the diagnosis was clear. After the diagnosis, the inflammatory bowel disease team led by Zuo Xiaomei developed a regular diagnosis and treatment plan for Lingling. Through enteral nutrition, air medicine enema and oral medicine treatment, Lingling's condition was quickly controlled, the abdominal pain disappeared, the number of stools gradually decreased, and her weight gradually increased.

Crohn's disease is very rare, but in recent years, the incidence of Crohn's disease has increased, especially in young people. Moreover, it is often mistaken by the common people as chronic enteritis, so the medical treatment is not timely, and the misdiagnosis rate is also high. 'said Zuo Xiaomei.

Why is it ill?

At least two bags of hot strips a day

It's the main cause of the disease

Why does Lingling suffer from such a rare disease when she is young? During the treatment, Zuo Xiaomei found that Lingling loves to eat spicy bars with a bag of fifty cents outside the school through communication with Lingling. This, Zuo Xiaomei thought, was the main cause of Lingling's illness.

On the morning of the 16th, Ms. Li introduced that in Guangdong, she would give Lingling a little pocket money every day, mainly for children to buy snacks, which she said was normal. After returning to Zitong, due to work reasons, every morning, she would give Lingling 7 or 8 yuan to go out for breakfast, but most of the time, Lingling bought snacks with the money.

'she especially likes to eat the fifty cents a bag of hot sticks outside the school. I picked her up from school several times in the afternoon and saw her eating them. There were two bags less in the bag, and five or six more in the bag. At that time, she was also asked to eat less, but I couldn't help it. 'Ms. Li said that after Lingling became ill, the doctor said it might have something to do with eating spicy bars for a long time. She asked Lingling specifically that she should eat at least two bags a day on average.

Zuo Xiaomei said that Crohn's disease is an inflammation of non-specific infection, that is, there is no clear bacteria and other causes of illness, but Lingling's long-term eating spicy bars must be the cause of the disease The spicy bar is not hygienic at first. Secondly, it contains a lot of flavors, cumin and other condiments that stimulate the intestines and stomach. Children are not fully developed. If eaten in large quantities, they will stimulate the intestines, thereby reducing their own resistance. 'said Zuo Xiaomei.

Hu Bing, deputy director of gastroenterology department of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, said that the cause of Crohn's disease has not been fully studied at present. Many factors, including infection, genetics and immunity, will lead to the occurrence of Crohn's disease. However, this little girl likes to eat spicy food. Eating these unsanitary food for a long time will stimulate the gut, cause intestinal inflammation and aggravate her condition.