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How to wash snow boots

How to clean snow boots snow boots are the favorite shoes of many girls in winter. They are not only warm but also foreign. However, cleaning snow boots is always a big problem. If you are not careful, you may damage your shoes. How to clean snow boots properly? Let's have a look!

How to clean snow boots

Tools required: water and vinegar; sheepskin boots cleaner and protective agent; soft cloth and sponge; dust-proof waterproof spray; boots braces, newspapers or toilet paper; sheepskin brushes;

Method: clean snow boots

Use a sheepskin brush to comb the outside of the boot. In this way, large pieces of dust attached to the outside of the boots can be cleaned, and the fluff can be softened to prepare for the next cleaning. Sheepskin brushes can be bought in many good shoe stores.

Wet the outside of the boot, but it won't drip. You can dip a clean cloth into cold water, wring out too much water, and then gently wipe the outside of your boots with a damp cloth. Make sure the whole surface is wet so that the cleaner can work.

Squeeze a small amount of detergent into a wet sponge. Ideally, you should use 'sheepskin cleanser and care milk', a product specifically designed to clean sheepskin boots. If it's not available, you can use any suede shoe cleaner instead. They are usually sold in good shoe stores.

If you can't buy one, make it yourself. Mix water and pure white vinegar in half. Although the detergent is not officially certified, some users of sheepskin snow boots respond effectively.

Sponge the cleaner on the boots. Wipe from top to bottom, wipe more dirt for a while. Remember to move gently, because sheepskin and leather are very wear-resistant, too much force will wear.

Make sure that there is no dirt left, and if the cleaner does not spread evenly over the entire surface, some watermarks may be left.

If the sponge becomes dirty in the cleaning process, the sponge should be washed and wiped again to avoid the dirt on the shoes.

Rinse. When you wipe the surface of your boots thoroughly, you need to rinse off the cleaner. You can put your boots under the water pipe, cool them, wash the surface, or wipe them with a clean, damp cloth.

If you choose to wash, the action should be block. If the washing time is too long, the leather will be damaged.

Stuff your boots with newspaper or toilet paper. When the boots get wet, they will change shape, so be sure to use the right amount of newspaper or toilet paper to plug in, and then let the boots dry in the right shape. This also helps the boots dry naturally.

It takes about 4 to 48 hours to dry. Be sure to air dry naturally. Do not expose to the sun or dry with a direct fire source. Overheating will wrinkle the boots and destroy their appearance.

You can use a silica gel desiccant (which absorbs moisture) to speed up the drying process. Or use a boot blower (room temperature wind) to speed up the drying process.

Make some final repairs. When the boots are dry, you can use the sheepskin brush to comb the surface of some boots again, straighten the fluff and eliminate the tangle. In addition, it is recommended that you spray a protective spray, such as "dustproof and waterproof spray" for snow boots, to keep boots clean.

When using protective spray, spray the bottle and spray it evenly over the surface of the boot about 0 centimeters from the boots until the surface is moist but not soaked. Then dry the boots in a ventilated place away from direct heat source. It will take about four hours. After drying, comb the fluff again and put it on again.

If you don't have snow boots, dustproof and waterproof spray, use any other protective spray for sheepskin boots.

Method: clean specific stains

Use chalk to remove greasy stains. If you accidentally splash oil on snow boots, it's better to clean them immediately and keep away from the heat source, because the stains will become stronger in high temperature places. Use a piece of white chalk (or corn starch, talcum powder) to absorb the oil. Give it a pat.

Place the boots overnight and let chalk absorb the greasy stains.

The next morning, wipe off the chalk. The greasy stain should have disappeared. You can clean your boots in the normal way.

Use an eraser to remove dust and salt. If you have dust and salt on your boots, you should first use a sheepskin brush to remove large pieces of dirt, and then use an eraser (like pencil writing) to gently wipe off the dirt.

Wet the dirt with water, and wipe the dirt gently with a wet sponge.

Wipe off the cleaner with a clean, damp sponge and let the boots dry naturally.

Remove water points. The water point is very easy to remove, just fold up the boots, then let another part of the boot surface touch the water point, wipe gently, and the water point disappears.

Comb the wool to remove debris. Turn the boots upside down and comb the wool part on the boots with a wide toothed comb, so as to comb out the dust and fragments entangled in the wool. The upside down is to avoid combing dust into the boots.

Remove the odor with baking soda. The inside of snow boots, especially the cheap fake products, often has a bad smell because of sweating. You can sprinkle some baking soda in your boots. Cover the mouth of the boot with your hand, then shake it, and sprinkle baking soda evenly on the inside of the boot.

Place the boots overnight, then turn over and pour out the baking soda.

If you like, you can add some essential oil to the baking soda to add some pleasant fragrance to the boots

Method 3: clean "do" and "don't do"

Don't wear snow boots. This way, you don't have to wash it often. Avoid wearing snow boots where there are potholes and streams. Don't wear snow boots to climb mountains or hike. It's easy to wear snow boots.

Clean snow boots by hand. Never throw boots in the washer or dryer or take them for dry cleaning. These machines are very easy to wear boots. Clean only by hand as described above.

Buy a care pack. If snow boots are your favorite, it's necessary to buy a suit to protect and clean your snow boots Care suits generally contain all the tools needed to clean and maintain boots, including sheepskin cleaners, protective spray, boots brush, decontamination rubber, aromatics and so on. Or you can choose to use other sheepskin shoes care tools..

Check for discoloration. Wipe with a wet white cloth to see if it is stained. If it's dyed, it means the whole boot will fade. So when cleaning, pay attention not to contaminate other clothes and shoes.

Do not dry boots with direct heat. The boots can be hung upside down on the boot support, dried in the shade at room temperature, away from direct heat source. Don't put snow boots next to a fire source, radiator, or window where the sun can shine. Leave for at least 4 hours and dry completely before wearing again.

Comb them into prototypes. After drying, use sheepskin brush, cotton brush, Lint Brush, soft cloth and so on to gently brush the boots to the original texture. In this way, the fluff that sticks together during cleaning can be dredged.

Carefully protect other types of snow boots. The cleaning methods and tips listed in this article are all for classic sheepskin snow boots. Other types of snow boots, such as heavy metal boots, tweed boots, mosaic boots, embroidered boots and knitted boots, cannot be cleaned with detergent.

These boots can only be wiped in the same direction with a damp cloth.

You can also spray protective spray on these boots to prevent dust. Other detergents can damage boots.


To speed up the drying process, put some newspapers in your boots. In order to avoid the ink on the newspaper from contaminating the boots, it is better to buy blank paper in the art shop.

Some people specially clean the detergent and deodorant of sheepskin snow boots. Use in strict accordance with the packaging instructions.

Fine sandpaper or nail brush can be used to remove stubborn stains.

Trimming your toenails often helps protect the lining of your boots, especially if you don't wear socks.

Don't store snow boots when they are not dry, they will get moldy.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry snow boots.