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How to increase the amount of loan

Don't think that you can't increase the amount in 2018, but you didn't find the right way. Let's have a look!

Did you fill in sesame credit personal information?

Many small partners will ignore this. In fact, this is exactly what should be said first. Because we know that sesame credit is your credit value in Alipay. Only if your credit is enough, can you get a higher quota.

Yu'e Bao deposit more than 1000, every day, the more the better, the amount increased every day, put three to five days later to open flowers. After saving money to yu'ebao, go to tmall to buy some small things. Buy them by stages with yu'ebao. You will pay the amount in three to five days. In addition, we should also cooperate with the following points:

The more, the better. 1, transfer to Alipay 1000 above, if there is more spare force, more good, keep the income for more than a week.

2, buy some of Alipay's fixed deposit management products, such as recruiting treasure.

3, the Alipay security level is opened to the highest level. Huabei involves payment problems. If your account security level is not enough, it may also hinder the opening and use of ant Huabei.

4. For users with credit cards, most of them are bound with credit cards, and the payment should be made with credit cards as much as possible.

5. Taobao account should have regular consumption records.

6, try frequent use of Alipay to buy small object products.

If you do this, Huabai and Jiebai will be closed!

1. It didn't work after it was opened

The signal for Alipay to release this situation is that you do not need a loan to give you the quota, which may be a waste of resources.

2. After borrowing and lending, there is overdue

This possibility is very large. In case of overdue, the user's credit qualification will be questioned, which is not good enough.

Secondly, overdue loan may mean that the borrower's repayment ability is limited, so the loan risk will naturally increase, and it is reasonable to be reduced or closed.

It should be noted that if the ant loan is overdue, the ant loan quota will be reduced or closed, which is only one of the impacts, but also other impacts.

For example, there will be a penalty interest of 1.5 times the normal interest rate, overdue records will be recorded in sesame credit, and the system will automatically deduct money and collect it. Therefore, it's best to repay in full and on time, and don't be overdue.

3. TX, brush points irritating

If the account holder has violated Alipay's prohibition regulations through violation of the Alipay prohibition regulations, the system may decide that the user's credit is bad and the risk of lending is higher. In this case, ants are suddenly absent and normal.

4. Frequent change of personal information

If the address (receiving address) is changed frequently, the payment number is changed frequently, and the bound mobile phone number is changed frequently, the system may judge that the user is not stable enough, speculate that the user has security risks, and then close your ant loan.