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Which brand of humidifier is good? Top ten brands of humidifier in 2017

Humidifier is a common household product. Which brand of humidifier is better? Let's take a look at the top ten brands of humidifier. For families with heating in the north, humidifier is absolutely necessary. Which brand of humidifier is better? Let's take a look at the top ten rankings of humidifiers in 2017 with Xiaobian!

Which brand of humidifier is good

1. Yadu humidifier

Air pollution and environmental air drying are obvious to all, resulting in tragedies everywhere! Yadu air purification humidifier, purification and humidification, humidification without white powder pure humidification, one machine dual-use, comprehensively solve the problem of air drying pollution, enjoy healthy air! Purification and humidification, one machine dual-use, humidification only out of humidification, no fog more thoroughly solve humidification without white powder. 4.4L activated silver environmental protection double water tank design, the water tank can be kept clean for a long time without any trouble for cleaning, and has excellent performance for purifying water quality. Microcomputer control system LED digital, humidity indicating system, more intuitive working effect, more convenient, can meet different weather and your different purification and humidification needs. The fan speed setting of the air outlet purifier allows you to adjust the required wind speed. Ultra long filter cartridge effectively filters out bacteria and large particles of dust (including some viruses).

2. Midea humidifier

This year's new products of Midea humidifier are generally divided into four series, including elegant and bright ones, cute and playful ones, which are suitable for a variety of people's preferences. I use a particularly lovely Midea humidifier chosen by many mm. It's good to use. Even if it's open at night, it won't affect my sleep. Mm can also add a little Chinese herbal medicine to the water tank, which won't be affected by influenza virus in sleep Worry. The light of Midea humidifier is basically the change of appearance, and the internal technology is almost the same. The double filtration system covers all products of this year, and it also has a certain sterilization function, which can inhibit virus and bacteria. It's very good to prevent the occurrence of influenza. It's especially suitable for people who can live.

3. Double fox humidifier

Through a large number of experiments, it is proved that 40-50% RH is the most suitable and healthy for people, and it is also the standard humidity for eliminating electrostatic protection machine. With the deepening of people's understanding of standard humidity, people are more picky about the choice of humidifier. Through the comprehensive comparison of function, quality and price, Weifei humidifier stands out from other similar products. This is not only because the product has won the national quality Golden Bridge Award for years, but also is an old brand in the humidifier. The main reason is that the WeFi double fox humidifier manual humidifier adopts the patent technology of automatic constant humidity control. Its secret lies in: the humidity of the products has been in the standard file. Only when the indoor humidity is lower than 50%, the machine will start humidification. If the indoor humidity is higher than this range, the fog will be reduced to stop humidification. Therefore, the humidity can be stabilized in the range of 40-50% by using this product.

Which brand of humidifier is good

4. Meiling humidifier

The price of Meiling humidifier is not expensive. Compared with other brands, it is fashionable, cute, exquisite and small. There are humidifiers designed by wealthy pigs and Penguin images. Moreover, the price of Meiling humidifier generally ranges from as little as 100 yuan to as much as several hundred yuan. Meiling humidifier humanized design, adjustable fog volume, optional. With filter element, water quality is purified, water mist is cleaner, and care is healthier; water shortage automatic protection device, energy saving and electricity saving are safer; negative ion type: eliminate fatigue, enhance the resistance of human body.

5. Rongshida humidifier

Rongshida humidifier is humidified by high-frequency ultrasonic wave, with even and delicate atomization; it can remove dust, bacteria and static electricity; it can operate in ultra quiet and low power, with water shortage warning light, automatic power-off protection against dry burning; mineralized carbon filter element and softened water quality. There is no powder in the fog; the stepless knob switch can adjust the fog amount at will; 2.5L transparent water tank is a good companion for office and home. High quality mineralized resin magnetic filter element can purify water quality and make fog cleaner. Innovative design of interface closed spring, smoother use of fog, more assured. 360 degree arbitrary rotation double outlet, humidification without dead angle. Humanized knob switch, indicator light display, fog volume can be adjusted at will. It is easy to clean, dirt resistant and more durable.

6. Delta humidifier

The humidification time of the water tank is longer, and the water tank can hold 1.6L water. Two color super dazzle indicator light, water shortage and power failure protection indicator light, take care of the owner's use safety. The adjustment knob has the function of adjusting the extreme fog. How much fog you want is controlled by you. Super large air outlet, in case of hydration fog, blow out the fog, but please be careful not to add water from here, or I will break it. Humidifying atomizing tablet is the heart of the whole humidifier, and the fog is produced. Safety protection float without water, I will cut off the power of the machine to protect your slim posture of the safety base, which is quite stable and will not occupy your space.

7. Swiss Air Humidifier

This brand of humidifier is absolutely designed in Switzerland, Swiss technology, Swiss production, Swiss manufacturing, and then 100% imported from Switzerland. The humidifier of Swiss wind is just like the clean natural water of Swiss snow mountain. It is natural, healthy, comfortable and has no side effects. The Swiss people's credit guarantee and adherence to the brand have won the trust of consumers with the quality of products. Switzerland has won the respect of the world and paid attention to the quality of humidifier products. The evaporation net of the Swiss wind humidifier after anti-bacterial treatment will always absorb water until it is saturated. The fan absorbs the dry air in the room, flows through the evaporation net, and then re releases the air with the best humidity. According to the evaporation principle, the humidifier can automatically adjust the humidity, so as to ensure that the indoor air reaches the best humidity.

8. Emmett humidifier

Emmett humidifier 300ml / h super large amount, intelligent constant temperature, dual antibacterial, healthy humidification. Intelligent water shortage sensing is more secure. The filter screen is bacteriostatic and fresh when humidified. Special aromatherapy function, healthy and fatigue free, special intelligent, sleep, baby mode, double-layer nozzle can call out the direction of fog, optional heat humidification mode, suitable for all seasons. Based on the principle of ultrasonic humidification, the ultrasonic humidifier can atomize the pure water or distilled water into 1 μ m ultrafine particles per second, and diffuse the water mist into the air through the wind and cloud device. The water mist particles exchange heat and humidity with the flowing air to achieve the effect of uniform humidification and fresh air.

9. Gree humidifier

Gree humidifier, the original intelligent constant humidity technology, automatically adjusts the fan speed and heating body power after accurately detecting and measuring the relative humidity of the air, realizes the dynamic intelligent adjustment of the humidification amount by using the fan speed and heating body power, and the change of the fan speed and heating body power, so as to keep the relative humidity within the optimal range of relative humidity, and let you enjoy health at all times Humidity. 1. High efficiency activated carbon filter screen can absorb dust odor quickly. Equipped with high-efficiency activated carbon filter screen, humidification at the same time, quick adsorption of dust, odor, filter out impurities in the air, always restore pure air. The antibacterial rate of Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli in 24 hours was 96%. Biocatalytic moisturizing filter element, efficient dust removal and antibacterial. High concentration of anion, effectively improve air quality.

10. Foucault humidifier

The main product of Fuku brand is the high-voltage rice cooker, which is the world's top selling product, followed by the humidifier. Fuku is the largest brand in Korea and one of the recognized brands in the world. Fu Chu complex humidification: warm humidification, cold humidification, sterilization and humidification, low noise design, 6L large capacity water tank, various humidifying adjustment functions, sleep function, air purification device to make the air entering into the air to be purified and intelligent to regulate humidity for a short time to achieve a higher temperature of the temperature humidifying ultra fine particle spray dual dimensional spray nano antibacterial water tank without water prompt function cleaning tips.

Summary of precautions for use of humidifier

1. Do not add the tap water to the humidifier. If the hardness of the tap water is high, the spray from the humidifier will contain calcium and magnesium ions, producing white powder, which will not only pollute the indoor air, but also affect the normal breathing of people;

2. Improper use may lead to allergic diseases, such as humidifier fever, which may increase the incidence of respiratory diseases;

3. After the humidifier is used, if it is not cleaned regularly, the mold and other microorganisms in the humidifier will float in the air, causing harm to human body, such as humidifier lung disease;

IV. the humidity of humidifier should be moderate, not the higher the better. The humidity in winter is about 50%. If it is too high, people will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath.