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Xi Mengyao will retire when Weimi falls? What are the consequences of falling on Weimi show at the end of 2017's Weimi show, Xi Mengyao, a top model in China, fell down on Weimi show, and instantly blew up Weibo and friends circle. It seems like an unexpected mistake, which may leave a lifelong regret for the model. Will Xi Mengyao fall down and face retirement? How will Weimi deal with similar events?

Weibo hot search was dominated by Weimi show, Xi Mengyao wrestling topic became popular

The fall was a bit fierce. According to the photos exposed by Chen Xuedong, Xi Mengyao's ankle was swollen.

Netizens cheer for her, but also worry about her: I don't know if this fall will affect her career.

In fact, Xi Mengyao once said about falling down on the stage of Weimi show when she participated in "please the Wardrobe".

At that time, Chen asked her if she had ever fallen on stage t.

Xi Mengyao said that he had fallen before, but never on the Weimi platform.

Chen asked again: what would happen if he fell on the Weimi platform?

Xi Mengyao said: 'I may retire' & hellip; & hellip;

Shanna joked that she could swim on her own after falling down;

Xi Mengyao said: 'I also hope I can become Sun Yang or Fu Yuanhui' & hellip; & hellip;

Another one is Chen Xuedong.

Chen Xuedong also went to the show today, and @ Xi Mengyao said to cheer her on.

Then, in his comments, he said: 'take a good walk & hellip; I won't help you if I fall. A true friend should do this'.

Emmm & hellip; & hellip; what is crow mouth? This is & hellip; & hellip;

Later, Chen Xuedong deleted the comment and posted a new micro blog to cheer Xi Mengyao on: where to fall, where to stand up.

On the issue of retirement, fans don't have to worry. After tonight's show, Xi Mengyao quickly sent a micro blog, saying, "no matter how painful it is to fall, you must stand up and walk the road.". There is a long way to go in the future.

Indeed, for Xi Mengyao personally,

This is definitely a major mistake she has to reflect on in her career, but for the organizers of Weimi, what's wrong with super model wrestling? So we still have reason to expect Chinese Super Model Xi Mengyao to appear on the Weimi stage next year.