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How to screen capture Huawei Mobile? Four screen capture methods for Huawei Mobile

Most of the time, we use screenshots to save some things. If you think Huawei mobile phones can't screenshot, you are ignorant. Huawei mobile phones actually have built-in screenshots, but they are a little hidden. Today, Xiaobian will introduce some screenshots of Huawei mobile phones to you!

Method 1: mobile phone -- use Huawei's own screenshot function

Step 1: open Huawei mobile phone and enter the mobile phone or application interface you want to take a screenshot. Confirm the positions of "unlock key (on key)" and "volume key", as shown in the figure.

Step 2: press and hold the 'unlock key' + 'volume - (reduce volume)' at the same time. After about 1 second, you will hear a clear 'click' sound, indicating that the screen capture is successful.

Method 2: mobile phone - use the automatic screenshot button in the mobile phone notification bar

Step 1: open the notice column and click the button in the [switch] column;

Step 2: in the [switch] button, there is a shortcut key of [screenshot]. Click it, and the crisp 'click' sound will sound, which means the screenshot is successful.

Step 3: go to the gallery / album, you will see the album named [screenshot recording screen], click in, you will see the screenshot.

Method 3: mobile phones -- various screenshots

Step 1: you need your phone to have root permission. With root permission, you can download the screenshot software to realize the screenshot. Method 4: finger joint screen capture

This is a screen capture method that Huawei uses to capture the desired image by tapping or sliding its knuckles. In my opinion, this screen capture method is more convenient and convenient than the volume - + power button screen capture. On the one hand, it can capture the key points independently while other unnecessary images are excluded, that is, it eliminates the work of secondary cutting. Using this function in the process of using mate8 makes my memory especially deep.