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Self driving tour route from Tianjin to Zhangjiajie in 2018

Tianjin to Zhangjiajie tourism route? Tianjin how to Zhangjiajie, Tianjin to Zhangjiajie tourism strategy, and Xiaobian together to understand it.

Zhangjiajie railway station has no direct train to Tianjin. It can transfer from two transit cities: Beijing and Changsha. From Tianjin to Beijing, Beijing can go directly to Zhangjiajie by train; the other is from Tianjin to Changsha by train, and then from Changsha to Zhangjiajie by train;


(1) Tianjin - (high speed 0.5 hours) - Beijing - (train 22-26 hours) - Zhangjiajie

Train time: Tianjin Beijing

Self driving route from Tianjin to Zhangjiajie

The whole journey is 1544.6 km, 18 hours and 40 minutes

1. Starting from the starting point, drive 11km in Tianjin city, turn right, take the ramp and enter Jincang expressway

2. Drive along Jincang expressway for 312.3km, leave from Pingyin / Dongping / Heze exit and enter Ji Guang expressway

3. Drive along Ji Guang expressway for 202.3km, leave Zhengzhou / Nanyang exit and enter RI Nan expressway

4. Drive 900.5km along RI Nan Expressway and leave at the second exit around the island

5. Drive 3.9km, turn right after passing Cui Jiarong and enter LiuYe Avenue

6. Drive along LiuYe avenue for 7.8km, cross niuxing for 400m, then turn right to S306

7. Drive along S306 for 22.2km (changtao highway zoushi toll station (Taoyuan)), cross Taoyuan Qihe bus station for 150m, then turn left to enter s227

8. Drive 19.8km along s227, then turn around after passing about 50m by rural credit cooperatives and ligonggang credit cooperatives

9. Follow s227 for 156 meters and turn left for x064

10. Drive 57.7 km along x064, cross the sheshi bridge about 2000 meters, then turn left to enter x016

11. Drive 5 km along x016 and turn left after passing about 250 meters at Liujiawan

12. Drive 1.9 km to the destination

Well, speaking of which, do you understand the way from Tianjin to Zhangjiajie? Finally, I wish you a smooth self driving and a pleasant trip!