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Does cupping lose weight? Does cupping lose weight rebound

Does cupping lose weight? Does cupping lose weight rebound Cupping is a very common health care method of traditional Chinese medicine. Cupping not only dispels moisture in the body, but also has the effect of activating blood and dredging collaterals. Many young people often cupping to lose weight. Can cupping lose weight? Can cupping lose weight rebound? Let's learn about it together!

Will cupping lose weight rebound

Cupping is a safe, effective and non rebound way to lose weight.

Cupping weight loss is not the same as drug weight loss, it is mainly through adjusting the internal function of the human body to play a role, so it will not be in the cupping stop soon and fat.

But we need to pay attention to the fact that cupping to lose weight should be combined with eating habits and daily exercise, so that the effect of losing weight will be more obvious.

Is cupping really effective

Cupping can help promote the circulation of the body. The negative pressure in the cupping can cause the reaction of the nervous and endocrine system, improve the blood circulation, discharge the excess toxins accumulated in the body, stimulate the sweat glands and sebaceous glands, peel off the aging cells on the skin surface, and accelerate the discharge of toxins and wastes in the body, so as to lose weight.

What is the reason for the rebound after cupping to lose weight

After cupping to lose weight, you may not pay attention to diet, overeating, eating high calorie food, drinking less water, eating less dietary fiber, not paying attention to living habits, lack of exercise, or rebound.

How to prevent the rebound of cupping

1. At the same time of cupping to lose weight, we must thoroughly solve the situation of constipation. If there are often avoidable phenomena before cupping, it is better to solve the situation of constipation first and then consider whether we can cupping to lose weight.

2. Don't overeat after cupping, avoid high-fat, high calorie food, or fat will still be stored.

3. Do not eat any food three hours before going to bed, and do not eat sweet food, high starch, high fat, spicy fried food and salty food at night.


At the same time of cupping, combined with fat burning essential oil or weight-loss essential oil massage can accelerate the metabolism of toxins and excess fat more effectively discharged from the body, so as to achieve the ultimate weight-loss effect.