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Where can I see the Leonid meteor shower? When can I watch it

Where can I see the Leonid meteor shower? When can I watch it

Sihaiwang: Recently, the Leonid meteor shower will come to the earth again. It is reported that the number of meteor showers is up to 10 per hour. Let's see where we can see the meteor shower and when we can see it!

With the reputation of "king of meteor shower", Leonid meteor shower is coming to the earth again. Astronomical experts said that this year's meteor shower will usher in a huge amount around 0:30 on the 18th, with an hourly zenith flow of about 10. There are no lack of bright firestars, which can be observed by naked eyes in all parts of China and even in most parts of the northern hemisphere.

The parent comet of the Leonid meteor shower is comet Temple Tuttle, which orbits the sun once every 33 years. When comets fly to perihelion, due to the sun's illumination, the ice material on the comet's mother body sublimates and bursts out numerous cometary dust particles or fragments. When the earth and comet orbit intersect, the dust particles and the earth's atmosphere rub and burn, forming a meteor shower.

Zhao Zhiheng, an astronomy education expert and director of Tianjin astronomical society, pointed out that the best observation time of this year's Leonid meteor shower is from the early morning of the 17th to the 19th. Fortunately, there is no moonlight interference at that time, which is conducive to observation.

In the process of observation, we must be patient under the premise of keeping warm. If we are lucky, we can see the bright fireball. "Zhao Zhiheng stressed.

Astronomy experts also said that if we calculate the period of comet Temple Tuttle, around 2033, the Leonid meteor shower will usher in a big explosion, and reproduce the shocking scene of "meteor like rain".