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The latest data of Taobao trading volume on November 11, 2017 has broken the 120.7 billion mark

This year's double 11 Carnival rhythm is not reduced! On the morning of November 11, according to the real-time transaction data of November 11, the transaction volume of 2017 tmall global Carnival reached 100 billion yuan in 9 hours, 0 minutes and 04 seconds. At this rate, it is expected to break last year's all day trading volume of 120.7 billion yuan this morning. So how much did you contribute to the more than 100 billion?

According to the real-time transaction data of the double 11, the transaction volume of 2017 tmall global Carnival reached 120.7 billion yuan at 13:09:49, breaking the record of all day transaction volume in 2016. In addition, this year's wireless turnover accounted for 91%, compared with 81.87% last year ​

Check the important data of 2017's transaction volume on November 11:

100 million --11 sec.

1 billion --28 sec.

10 billion -- 3 minutes and 01 seconds

19.1 billion -- 5 minutes and 57 seconds (more than the full day turnover of 2012's double 11)

20 billion -- 6 minutes and 05 seconds

36.2 billion -- 16 minutes and 10 seconds

50 billion -- 40 minutes and 12 seconds

55 billion -- one hour

57.1 billion -- 1 hour, 0 minute, 49 seconds (more than the turnover of 2014's double 11 full day)

80 billion -- 2 hours, 15 minutes, 18 seconds

91.2 billion -- 7 hours, 22 minutes and 54 seconds (exceeding the turnover of 2015's double 11 full day)

Only 33 minutes after the opening of tmall double 11 in 2017, Ms. Ru, a citizen of Ningbo, received the first import order of tmall double 11 this year.

'too soon!' when she received the package, Ms. Ru was still carrying her mobile phone to continue shopping on Taobao. As a loyal fan of Haitao, she bought the essence oil of amore hair care from South Korea this time.

With the popularity and consumption upgrading of online shopping, imported e-commerce has become an important consumption mode of the middle class, and also a major focus of this year's double 11. Zhao Jian, head of rookie network import logistics, said that this year more high-quality businesses from all over the world have used the bonded service of rookie, and big data forecast has also achieved the goal of "no single order, goods first". In all parts of the country, Chinese favorite overseas goods have been placed in the bonded warehouse in advance.

At present, Cainiao has set up bonded parks in many ports across the country, and almost all the major international brands have entered the complete bonded system. Take Ningbo, where Ms. Ru is located, for example. Through the dense bonded network, the rookies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have made most of their overseas shopping products available on the same day, and generally achieved the next day.

In addition, in order to better meet the global consumer demand of buying and selling, rookies have opened 10 GFC (global order fulfillment center) in Madrid, Frankfurt, Sydney, Auckland, Hong Kong, Osaka, Seoul, Los Angeles and other places. More long tail goods will be delivered to consumers in three days by charter from these global consumer centers.

As early as before the double 11, the General Administration of Customs took the lead in organizing Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Zhengzhou and other local customs with frequent import trade to conduct 'stress test' jointly with rookies, carry out technical exercises by simulating the customs clearance of double 11, and upgrade and optimize the system, so as to ensure the seamless connection of all works during the double 11 period, and ensure the convenience of consumers' overseas shopping.

This is the first time that the customs and the enterprise have combined the pressure test, which effectively guarantees the customs clearance efficiency of "double 11", and the overall processing capacity of the import customs clearance system has also reached the previous 3-4 times.