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The little method of hair care is super practical

The little method of hair care is super practical

Sihaiwang: it's every girl's dream to have long black and bright hair. Environmental pollution, hair dye and perm are too harmful to hair. How to repair and maintain hair? Here are some tips for hair care. Learn them quickly.

1. Eating nuts is good for hair quality. Such as walnuts, melon seeds, peanuts and so on.

2. Try to ensure sleep, lack of sleep is easy to cause hair loss.

3. Repair frequently. If the hair is short, it should be repaired once every two or three months. If the hair is long, it should be repaired once every one to two months.

4. Wash your hair frequently. In general, shampoo is used every day in summer, but once every other day. In winter, shampoo is used every two or three days. Remember to touch conditioner after washing.

5. Protect the law carefully.

A. try to tie your hair as little as possible, and don't use too much force if you do, or it will easily fall off.

B. reduce the friction of the hair. After washing the head, do not rub the hair with towel. Wrap it with towel and pat it gently. When sitting down, place the long hair on the front chest from behind to avoid the friction between the hair and the back of the chair.

6. Observe more. Carefully observe the changes of seasons, and try to avoid outdoor exposure for a long time in summer. When the wind is dry in winter, you should remember to carry Moisturizing Gel water with you, such as Guhl, Wella, loreal, all of which have no washing and moisturizing conditioner.

7. have time to make a mask for your hair.

Step 1: before shampooing, comb the hair with a wide tooth comb. Start from the end of the hair, open the part that is easy to tangle at the end, and then comb the hair from the root to the end again.

Step 2: then wet the hair fully. Remember to adjust the water temperature to the warm water with slight heat, because the hot water will make the hair dry and become more dry.

Step three: squeeze the shampoo into your hands and rub the bubbles, evenly apply to the hair, gently massage the scalp and hair with the fingers, wash the foam with warm water. Repeat the shampoo step again. The massage time can be lengthened (about 2 to 3 minutes) and the hair can be washed clean.

Step 4: take a proper amount of hair lotion and press it with both hands and palms to smear evenly. Apply it from the end of the hair to the root of the hair, and gently massage the hair and scalp, so that the hair care products stay on the hair for a period of time, so that the nutrients can effectively penetrate into the hair for repair. If you want better absorption effect, you can pack hot towel hot compress, let the hot steam help the penetration of the product.

Step 5: after 5 to 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. The purpose of washing and moistening hair cream is to close the hair scales. This is because the hair scales will be opened in the process of shampoo. Therefore, the water temperature when washing and moistening hair cream may be slightly lower than that when washing hair. Using the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, the hair scales can be closed smoothly so that the hair will not be injured.

Step six: evenly divide the washed and dried hair into 3 bundles, apply the hair care lotion to the hands, extend the fingers into the hair, and evenly apply the emulsion to the hair, starting from the bottom of a bunch of hair. Place the hair band between your hands and gently massage the hair band to fully absorb the product. The same is true for the other two strands. Finally, comb all the hair with a comb and conduct a smooth blow.

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