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How to machine wash down jacket in winter? Skills sharing of machine wash down jacket

In the cold winter, many people 'abandon' hand washing and use washing machine instead! Can we use washing machine to wash down clothes in winter? Share the machine washing skills of down clothes in winter! Let's follow Xiaobian to see the skills of down clothes washing in winter.

How to wash down clothes for people who want to clean down clothes?

In this area, it is recommended to wash down clothes by hand. After hand washing, you can have a good grasp of the Lido and wash down clothes in an all-round way. Moreover, the damage to down clothes is the least. But for people who don't want to wash down clothes by hand, how to wash down clothes if they are dirty? If they have to wash down clothes by washing machine, how to wash down clothes by washing machine?

For people who must wash down clothes with washing machine, they should try to choose a washing machine with good quality (full-automatic washing machine or roller washing machine). How to wash down clothes in washing machine is right?

First of all: try to use neutral washing powder or special washing liquid to avoid the phenomenon of white mark on down clothes.

Secondly: because of the large volume of the down jacket, it is necessary to set a high water level to fully contact the down jacket with the washing liquid.

Finally: the down jacket will become uneven after washing, just need to dry the water in the air and pat gently. Select soft gear when dehydrating, or lower the speed of drying. How to wash the cuffs of down jacket on the washing machine where the cuffs are easy to get dirty is not a comprehensive cleaning. It is better to wash them by hand!