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Can sweet potato sprout? Can eat germinated sweet potato poison?

Sweet potato has a certain effect on protecting human skin and delaying aging. It is also one of the most common foods in this season. Can you eat sweet potato after germination? Will it be poisoned after eating sweet potato after germination?

Many people are not very clear about this problem. Sweet potato is rich in nutrients, and there are many ways to eat it. Many people like to eat sweet potato, which has the effect of excretion. But when there is such a situation for sweet potato, should we choose to discard it?

Can you still eat sweet potatoes after germination? They will not produce harmful ingredients like potatoes. As long as the buds on the sweet potatoes are removed, they can be eaten, not to mention the legendary poisoning symptoms. But one thing we should pay attention to is that, because of the loss of nutrition and water, the sweet potato will not only taste bad, but also lose its edible value. As for the saying that eating sprouted sweet potatoes can cause poisoning, there is no basis, nor is it scientific. It is a mistake in life. Nutritionists believe that sweet potato is not only a nutritious food, but also a therapeutic effect on many diseases. There are many advantages of eating sweet potato, but we must pay attention to scientific methods.

Although sweet potato sprouts can eat, but if the skin is brown or black spots can not eat, it is due to the black spot bacteria pollution. The toxin discharged by the black spot pathogen contains the sweet potato ketone and sweet potato ketone alcohol, which makes the sweet potato hard and bitter and highly toxic to the human liver. The biological activity of the toxin will not be destroyed. After eating, the disease usually occurs within 24 hours, with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Serious, still send high fever, have a headache, wheeze, benefit Zhi not clear, vomit blood, coma, even die.

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Sweet potato produces acid in the stomach, so patients with gastric ulcer and excessive gastric acid should not eat it. Rotten sweet potato (with black spots) and germinated sweet potato can make people poisoned and inedible. Sweet potato and other root vegetables contain a lot of starch, which can be processed into vermicelli, but alum is often added in the process of production. If you eat too much, it will lead to the accumulation of aluminum in the body, which is harmful to health.