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Check out the most fun PC open world game experience in history and do whatever you want

What is an 'open world' game? Wikipedia is defined as a kind of level design type of electronic games, which aims to allow players to freely explore the world and interact with NPC characters or other similar things in the game to a certain extent. And we are in the golden age of open world games. The infinite scenery in the game will unfold around you, full of countless adventures waiting for you to explore. Players can climb mountains in the distance, and take all kinds of cars beside the road as their own. Even under every rock, there are fresh things waiting for players to find.

Let's take a look at the PC gamer's inventory of the best open world games on the PC side.

Extreme speed: Horizon 3

Extreme race: Horizon 3 is more than just a racing game. It has many urban streets, undeveloped beaches, and dusty deserts, which show the features of Australia's interior. This vast and complex area allows us to do many things: race, challenge, stunt jump, collect hunting, let alone hundreds of cars. The series of extreme race: horizon has already been excellent, while the series of extreme race: Horizon 3 takes a higher level in terms of scale, scope, diversity and players' enjoyment.

Stalker: the shadow of Chernobyl

In "the stalker" game, the open world is against you. Gamma rays, mutants and radioactive storms can kill you quickly. There may be predators or scary variants in any building. Ammunition and armor are scarce, and you're lost in the desolate wilderness. But the area still has a strange attraction for divers. You need to explore the devastation of Ukrainian factories and try not to break the silence there. After a period of time, the killing of "the stalker" will become beautiful.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Money should be spent this way: copy a real place, create an environmental atmosphere, and make it better than in real life. Rockstar has built a great city of freedom in Grand Theft Auto 4, and only Rockstar can surpass the high standards of the open world. "Grand Theft Auto 5" has a powerful multi role plot mode, and GTA online's super platform, which provides players with more than 100 hours of sea, land and air chasing, shooting experience.

Wizard 3: Wild hunting

Modern games have a very strong ability to create the fine and vast degree of the environment, while wizard 3 has reached a very high standard in technology, and is the pioneer of a new wave of open world games using this ability. Velen's swamp is just an appetizer, and then you'll see the noisy NOVIGRAD and the vast forests of the northern skellige area - one of the most beautiful game scenes ever.

You can spend a lot of time sailing between islands, taking on missions, breaking curses, killing monsters, playing kunt with locals. The hustle and bustle of towns in wizard 3 dwarfs those in other open world games. It's fun to move in one direction even if you don't have the brain - that's a sign of an excellent open world.

Elite: Crisis

Few open world games are as big as "elite: in danger.". You can fly a spaceship, travel through the simulated galaxy, fight pirates (or choose to be pirates), exploit asteroids, transport and trade goods, or discover some unexplored planets, stars and even galaxies. Whether you choose to play by yourself or join a galaxy online, with other players, you can take risks in countless galaxies in elite: in danger. You may even encounter some aliens.

Assassin creed 4: black flag

"Black flag" is the best work since "Assassin's Creed 2". In the beautiful Caribbean islands, it combines close combat with sea navigation. Small islands, whales, fortresses and colonial warships make the ocean very complex, while the islands provide the necessary free exploration space for the assassin creed. After a bad third, the black flag made the players feel like a spring breeze.

The city is smaller and the game plot is basically nonexistent, but few games can let you experience the surprise of destroying the port. You use cannons to blast away walls at sea, then walk freely through the damaged fortifications, and assassinate the enemy commander with your weapons. This is what open world games are good at.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Sailing in the morning wind is very much like walking on the streets in Victorian times - yes, the game's darker colors, the technology used is a little outdated, but for some reason, it makes people feel that they have to do it - it feels so real. What you see is another frozen, strange and familiar world. Modern games are carefully built but lack of personality. The past role-playing games have a strange look, but the role image is full. The morning wind seamlessly connects the two. The world is big enough for you to indulge in, and the sheer details make Vvardenfell as tempting as it was 15 years ago.

Alloy equipment 5

If you don't use helicopters to go to the mission site, but use other methods to cross the vast hells such as Afghanistan and Angola Zaire border, alloy gear 5 is really like an open world game, and there are some regional plots like role-playing games. The stealth mechanism of the game really gives the players free space, and the promotion system does allow the players to reap the appropriate benefits. At first, you need to use a ragged pistol to explode the enemy's head. At last, you can use a magic robot to pull the enemy to the side, lift the tank with a balloon, and call the air force to bomb the bears. Is it a good game, or the greatest game of all time?