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How to avoid becoming a greasy middle-aged man? How to keep healthy for middle-aged men

Recently, a popular word in the circle of friends is the greasy middle-aged man. For those middle-aged men who drink tea and put Lycium to keep healthy and hate to talk about philosophy of life, we can all call them greasy middle-aged men. I believe that many people have this label, so how to avoid becoming greasy middle-aged men?

1. No strings.

2. Simple exercise, the bottom line is no big belly.

3. Brush your teeth frequently and take a bath to keep clean.

4. Don't wear Tang suit and other similar clothes, and don't wear sophisticated clothes. Try to use solid colors.

5. Do not say that I know XXX, teach life experience and other words.

6. Don't pour other people's wine or bother others to send home when they are drunk.

7. Don't read poetry at parties and start crying.

8. Do not send wechat in groups.

9. Don't leave long hair and beard anywhere on the head and face.

10. Do not take the initiative to join the youth group.

11. Eat buffet on demand, try not to locate the restaurant address, take photos and send microblog friends.

12. Don't try to tell everyone what you get, and try to steal the fun.

How to keep healthy for middle-aged people

One is to work and rest according to the biological clock to achieve the unity of heaven and man, regular living and regular life. Life lies in motion, and life lies in peace. Always keep moving and persevere. The middle-aged and elderly people are often suffering from chronic diseases. Exercise must be based on their own constitution and physical condition at that time. They should choose sports items according to their own conditions, and do it according to their own abilities. They should exercise or work properly at the right time. They should never try to overdraw their physical strength. Rest is to be sufficient, sleep must be sufficient, only moderate leisure, relaxation, dynamic and static balance, it is conducive to the repair of the body and the enhancement of disease resistance, delay the aging of the body.

The second is to abstain from "greed", that is, to control your mouth. Not for the temptation of food, on the premise of ensuring the nutrition balance, the less food, the longer life is the longevity classic that scientists have researched for many years. The gastrointestinal function of the middle-aged and old people is declining. It's better to eat a full meal in seven parts, avoid overeating and overeating, and not be picky about food, so as to achieve a variety of food, adequate hunger and satiety, a small amount of oil, a small amount of coarse and fine partner, a limited amount of salt, a small amount of sweet food, a reasonable three meals, no smoking and alcohol restriction, and no disorderly entry Tonic, eat more high-quality protein foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, and always keep your body weak alkaline. Eat less or no fried, salted, moldy and other carcinogenic foods, and form a good diet. There is no reason for unhealthy longevity.