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What's the difference before and after a woman gives birth?

What's the difference before and after a woman gives birth? now the social concept is more and more open, and young people are also parents early. It is generally difficult to judge whether a woman has had a child from the appearance, but more from the psychological change. So how can we judge whether a woman has had a child? Let's take a look at it together!

1. Gap between miyukou and miyukou

The cervix of a woman's cervix after childbirth is completely different from that before. After childbirth, because of tears and long-term muscle stretching, the uterine opening will become a linear shape. Before childbirth, it belongs to a circular shape. Before childbirth, there was no suture after childbirth, so natural repair can easily be seen. Now doctors can help with suture, some of which can't be seen, but doctors can detect childbirth Arc change after!

Some women give birth because the uterine opening is not open, the huge baby is difficult to give birth and so on will be related to the side cutting trace, this kind of situation is very difficult to eliminate the trace, and the womb opening will be easier after the woman gives birth, the unborn woman is related to the leg and the angle of opening, which is relatively close to the uterus! So the gap between husband and wife will experience!

2. Belly gap

According to the development of the fetus, the belly of a woman will be continuously stretched, resulting in pregnancy lines after the tissue cells can not support it. This kind of pregnancy lines will now appear in the belly, thigh and chest. The most common one is the pregnancy lines of the belly. After the delivery, because the cargo of the belly is unloaded, the belly will be loose, wrinkled, cumbersome and so on!

But there are also good ones, because in the process of pregnancy, we should pay attention to the diet, not overeating, the frequency of belly growth is moderate, and we rub the skin moisturizing and elastic products on the body, even when we give birth to a baby, there will be no pregnancy marks! This is mostly the purpose that young mothers are more likely to achieve!

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3. Increased appetite

During pregnancy, women will eat more, because the fetus will absorb the nutrition of the pregnant mother, so in order to make the child have enough nutrition and ensure their physical strength, they will eat more and eat more at the same time. After childbirth, the child needs to drink breast milk, which is equivalent to the blood of the woman, and that is to eat more. Women who have given birth will say that the child is most likely to starve when feeding milk, eating three times the food before pregnancy , so the stomach will be enlarged slowly. When the baby stops giving up milk, he will be used to eating more. Because the stomach is used to the amount of food, he must eat enough to not feel empty. So this is the reason why women become fat after childbirth!

4. Hip changes

After childbirth, the pubic bone is compressed during childbirth, resulting in wider pelvis. The most painful thing in the world is that women give birth to children. When giving birth to children, all the cells of women are oppressed by painful nerves. Especially, the lower half of the cells become more fragile. The buttocks of women will lose elasticity and sagging. Especially, women who give birth late and do not love sports are born late, because women are old The bigger the age, the harder the skeleton, the worse the function!

Now people are more open, early development, so the best age in childbearing is 20 to 28 years old! Once the body function of women after 30 years old will start to age slowly, lose flexibility, especially those women who are under pressure in life and work! So women want to have their body well before childbirth, and then the postnatal repair is very exquisite!

Women who have caesarean section also have these phenomena. In addition to the slightly better changes of the uterine opening, other symptoms of normal delivery will also exist, and women who have caesarean section will have many sequelae!

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