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What is the constellation of people born in November

Four seas network: the first part of November is Scorpio (October 24 to November 22), and the second part is Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21).

What is the constellation of people born in November


October 24-november 22 dominant Planet: Mars and Pluto attributes: water constellation

Born in autumn, the star position or the character of the sun in Scorpio:

Between Libra and Sagittarius is Scorpio. People in this house have special interests in different and incompatible things. He is good at using his own characteristics with great contrast. You are a person who likes to explore and differentiate things. People born into this constellation in the bleak autumn wind are rough and stubborn. Your tense pace of life will make people close to you feel confused. Your love psychology is often full of contradictions. Emotional betrayal is absolutely intolerable to you, and it will lead to opposite views on your love. You have a pair of extremely keen eyes, which can see people's weaknesses and the advantages and disadvantages of opportunities. In addition, your mystique, selectivity, aggressiveness, fanaticism and uncompromising spirit often impress people. Troubles that can't get rid of often haunt you and make you feel exhausted. Strong, is Scorpio's outstanding character performance. Great endurance enables you to face difficulties and overcome them. No matter in the life or the emotion aspect intricate question, not only will not make you bored, but also will add the joy to your life.

Scorpio people need to be constantly busy. You like to do it yourself; you like to improve your work and living environment; you like to update your ideas, but you don't like idle and mediocre life, which will make you lose vitality and vitality. You never accept any failure. If you are frustrated, you will have a strong psychological allergy. Then you will start from scratch, with tenacious will and perseverance, to success again. You like dramatic scenes, and from time to time you will direct one scene on your way forward. It's better not to be an obstacle on your way. It's a dangerous competitor and a terrible competitor. You will never forget the lessons of failure and the hurt you have suffered.

Scorpios love power and have their own way of thinking. Money and material are indispensable to you, but you never use it to restrain your own hands and feet. You are always ready to give generously to those who have helped your career and work. In the chart of birthdays, when Mars has great influence in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, or in the first, tenth, seventh or fourth houses of the zodiac, this character will be more prominent. Unlike anyone in the zodiac who has your sign, Scorpio is good at waiting for the right time. Once the time comes, you choose your own path, then no force can stop you, you will stand the test of any difficulties. Where others fail or escape is where you build your own success. You like to take risks carefully and thoughtfully. You will also use your charm and charisma to achieve your desired goal. Many reputable financiers have Scorpio's powerful influence in your birth chart. Scorpio people often show the nature of interests, quite understand business, the more difficult business, the more you can profit from it. This is a person who is not easy to get along with. Everything is in line with the best. Your material desires must be fully satisfied. According to legend, Scorpio has a golden relationship with the eighth house of the zodiac, which symbolizes death, heritage and gift. So far, Scorpio people are still enjoying the benefits your spouse often gives you in material life. There are also Scorpios who may go to the other extreme. You have no interest in the happiness and wealth of the world, but to create your own path of faith, or experience the turmoil of mysticism in your heart.

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Dominant planet from November 23 to December 21: Jupiter attribute: Fire constellation

The character of a person born in the constellation Sagittarius in winter:

Stamping feet, greedily breathing the free air of nature, sending off the golden autumn, and will welcome the cold of winter, Sagittarius you can't wait to go out to the vast world you desire to gallop. The people in this building are cheerful, active in thinking, and attach great importance to cultural cultivation. At the same time, they do not forget to look at the world. You are in real life, but your thoughts often fly to the distant past and the bright future. The quick thought leaps, one here, one there, making people feel that you are close to the eyes, and as if you are in the sky; making people feel that they are both like-minded and incompatible with you. You are a person whose mind needs to be calm. Sagittarians are passionate and passionate about life. You don't care about your personal gain or loss. You like to devote yourself to many things at the same time. But reckless behavior often brings you trouble. You are always ready to go through risks, both mentally and in action. Your optimism about life, the future and love keeps you young forever. On the road of life, all your efforts are to get people out of trouble. In addition, optimism, a healthy body and happy mood will bring you luck and a wide range of good feelings. You are very good at comforting and inspiring yourself and the people around you, and uplifting your spirit.

This born person, generally, has a strong interest in everything that happens in the world. He likes to travel and make good friends. You are expected to be generous, but you do not want others to threaten or interfere with your sacred freedom. You hate obligations. You'd rather give up your benefits than be bound by them. You like your family to be full of friends and try your best to help you. You will get to know many influential people in society, and will always be supported or protected in your life and career. Your destiny is often associated with foreign countries or travel, which usually brings you luck, friendship and benefits. Even in adverse circumstances, optimism will never betray you, and can help you get out of trouble faster than others, which is a unique advantage of Sagittarius personality. You are particularly concerned about the news and ironwork in the singing and influential circles, and you like to have insightful ideas and opinions, and you are good at making high comments on it. You are hospitable, amiable, kind, honest, open-minded and open-minded. You are praised by people. Working with people with a spirit of cooperation and your instinctive idealism about life and career will inspire you and the people around you, and add a harmonious atmosphere with you. But your opportunism, conservative, self contradictory thinking, do things with little consideration of other people's ability limit, will cause other people's dissatisfaction.

After the turbulent years, from the age of 40, Sagittarians will generally turn to the track of normal life, live in peace and work, and become respected citizens and model fathers (mothers) in the family.

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