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What are the benefits of Alipay platinum drill members? How do members of Alipay platinum drill view

Sihai: Alipay official micro-blog releases the latest Alipay user benefits, but not every Alipay user can enjoy it, only platinum drill members can do so. What is the latest benefit of Alipay platinum drill members? How do you know if you are a platinum drilled member? Let's take a look.

What is the latest benefit of Alipay platinum drill members?

Today, Alipay platinum drill members can enter VIP lounges in 33 high speed rail stations in 25 cities across the city, without any points, and members can be free to enter. As long as you are an ant diamond or platinum member of Alipay, exclusive lounge, exclusive Wi-Fi, free tea drinks, mobile phone charging, newspapers and magazines, boarding car reminder and so on, all free and no need to exchange points for direct use.

How do you know if you are a platinum diamond member?

Method: open Alipay ~ I click ant members to check their grades. Alipay members are currently divided into 4 levels, from low to high, namely: public members (0 points), Gold members (2000 points), Platinum members (6000 points) and Diamond members (18000 points), all levels enjoy different treatment. Points are mainly obtained from consumption and shopping, living payment and financial management.

These benefits do not need to be purchased, and can be used directly if they are not exchanged for Alipay points. The welfare of Alipay is also full of sincerity. The netizens are leaving a message in Alipay official blog: it is really 'enviable, jealous and hate'. Although only members of platinum drills are supported, the welfare of Alipay is very good. After all, there are hundreds of millions of Alipay membership users. If they can enter the VIP lounge, it is also unrealistic.