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The expert teaches you how to avoid the seller trap in the double eleven shopping?, less than half a month before the "double 11", Taobao, tmall, Jingdong and other major e-commerce platforms have started the pre-sale mode. But this year's double 11 directly reduced the amount of money. Are all kinds of rules and pre-sale activities blindfolded to you? Then how can double 11 avoid the trap and buy the most cost-effective things?

For the buyer, only participating in the pre-sale activities of the merchant in advance can the buyer enjoy the benefits on the day of "double 11". However, after a careful study of the "double 11" pre-sale rules, many "hand choppers" began to make mistakes: many rules look lively, but in fact, they are too "brain burning". If the brain hole is not big enough and the math is not good enough, they really can't play!

There are many online presales:

All kinds of red bags, all kinds of seconds to kill

The so-called "pre-sale" refers to paying a deposit in advance and obtaining the lowest price on the day of sale. Yesterday, a reporter from Yangtze Evening News browsed tmall's page and found that the full screen deposit payment activities had begun, such as double the deposit, red torch packet, shopping allowance, no ceiling, preferential sharing, etc.

There are many kinds of activities in Jingdong's "double eleven", including membership day, global brand day, mother baby day, special session (food day, God of man day, home appliance day, supermarket day, home furnishing day, 3C day), among which November 10-november 12 is the climax. For example, consumers can get 1111 yuan gift pack on the membership day; during the "double 11" period, regular members of plus increased their shopping return to Jingdou from 10 times to 20 times. During super seckill day, there will be a series of seckill activities in Jingdong, focusing on '111 boutique seconds'. Seckill has 20 million items in stock. Jingdong also launched "goddess day" for female users on the "double 11" this year, which is jointly promoted by top international brands, including "goddess" exclusive price discount, etc. In addition, some stars have also come on stage to speak for the "double 11".

Consumer a little dizzy:

Math is not good enough. It's not easy to get a bargain

The reporter of Yangzi Evening News noted that there are 14 kinds of activities in Taobao's official "double 11" strategy from October 20 to November 11. Compared with the previous years, this year's "double 11" is a more test of buyer's hand speed and "opening degree of brain hole".

Ms. Lian bought a new mobile phone to grab the pre-sale package. "In the past, the deposit has only doubled in the double 11, but this year, the deposit can even expand 9 times in the top of the designated time. If you want to get a discount, you have to rob. '

There are still a lot of "chopped hands" who are guilty of Mongolian Tucao: mathematics is not good enough, brain hole is not big enough. This year's double eleven "really do not know how to play." Some netizens posted that just "shopping allowance" has the order of superposition: big promotion price (promotion price) single level preferential shop level discount coupon shopping allowance red bag, etc. these terms look similar but actually have different meanings, which can make people confused.

Take Jingdong as an example, there are different themes in different periods, and most of them are 10-30 yuan deposit, which is 1.5-3 times. The deposit is paid at 0:00 on October 20 when the pre-sale of "double 11" starts, and the balance is paid at 1:00 on the day of "double 11". Some stores will have a deposit free activity on a certain day (most days before the pre-sale) and return it after receiving the goods.

At the o2o Shopping Festival just launched by Suning e-commerce, the "chop hand clan" can earn red envelopes online by playing games, or even snatch the 1111 yuan prize. Many goods are more than 50% off.

Offline businesses do not show weakness:

Double line operation, Suning Ali Jingdong 'close combat'

Online e-commerce pre-sale is hot, and offline businesses are not idle. The reporter of Yangtze Evening News visited Nanjing Xinjiekou, Jiangning Jinying, Jingfeng kingmo, 21st Century Sun City, Shuiyou city and many other businesses in the past two days. Everyone said that they would actively prepare for the "double 11", some businesses not only promoted preferential promotion activities, but also provided rich gifts; some businesses had launched the "double 11" promotion activities on October 23, warming up in advance.

For some "Shuangqi" businesses, such as Suning, Ali and Jingdong, in addition to various fancy online pre-sale activities, offline promotion activities are also in full swing. Suning will launch o2o Shopping Festival through online and offline linkage this year, from November 1 to November 11. Suning's 30 cloud stores and 1000 e-commerce Direct stores across the country will launch promotions simultaneously with the online, and will jointly launch the intelligent shopping robot Wangbao with coworth. Through the directional binding feedback between big data in the background and consumers, Suning will directly recommend to consumers the products they most want to buy or often buy. Suning e-commerce, covering 120 cities across the country, will also make its debut in early November, including 5 theme image galleries, 15 super brand galleries and 100 mobile hi car shopping malls. In the county and town market, Suning e-shop network will also arrange 1000 night group buying activities.

In the context of new retail, this year's Alibaba's "double 11" offline scale upgrade, not only the number of offline stores involved has broken through the scale of one million, and the business form has expanded from the existing brand businesses to the whole business circle, and even many community 'husband and wife stores' distributed in the third and fourth tier cities.

More than 160 stores, nearly 200 mother and child experience stores, more than 1700 Jingdong help service stores, more than 5000 home appliance stores, more than 400 stores of Wal Mart in China, nearly 10000 stores of cooperative brand businesses, and hundreds of thousands of convenience stores will all participate in the Jingdong global good things Festival.

Consumer reminder

Polish your eyes and avoid these five 'pits'

Cao Lei, director of China's e-commerce research center, told the Yangzi Evening News reporters yesterday to sort out the five "online consumption pits" of the "double 11" and give us some reminders and suggestions.

The quality of the same product online and offline is different

[remind] [E & amp; e] specifically for goods and products sold in a physical store looks exactly the same. Careful observation will reveal differences in color, interior parts or some functions.

[background] there are basically three kinds of goods for electronic commerce providers: first, the "electricity supplier's exclusive supply" commodity appearance code is exactly the same as that of the physical store; two, the "electronic business" is only for "commodity appearance coding" and the physical store goods are only slightly different, and the raw materials of the built-in components or products are also slightly different; three, the "electricity supplier specially" for the "goods" displayed in the online shop advertising pictures, exactly the same as the physical store display products. , the difference between the appearance code of the product and the product of the physical store is shown on the advertising picture, and the "e-commerce exclusive supply" is also indicated on the sales page or the prominent position of the product of the online store.

[suggestion] the online trading platform should strengthen the examination of the seller's source of goods and the monitoring of the information disclosure on the commodity page, and supervise and punish the e-commerce products that use the pictures and false descriptions of the physical stores.

It's easy for consumers to place an order and difficult to refund

[reminder] before placing an order, carefully check the introduction of the goods and keep the order voucher (screenshot of the order, chatting voucher when communicating with the seller, etc.); in case of return or exchange of goods, negotiate with the merchant in advance about freight matters, save the screenshot and other information, and keep the delivery express bill; in case of the merchant's failure to keep its promise or selling fake goods, report to the platform and relevant regulatory authorities for rights protection.

[background] at present, except that most of the goods enjoy 7 days of no reason to return or exchange, some of the goods need to be proved by the consumers, especially the consumers who sell fake goods to the sellers face no evidence (online shopping goods counter does not support goods inspection, brand merchants do not issue test certificates, etc.). And for most of the rules of pre-sale goods, there is a non refundable deposit.

[suggestions] the online trading platform will set the return and exchange rules at the top, taking into account the interests of businesses and consumers.

Complimentary products cannot enjoy regular after-sales service

[reminder] before placing an order, please keep the screenshot on the publicity page of the merchant to prevent the merchant from cheating and not sending gifts; the law has clearly stipulated that the gifts should also be guaranteed. The gift usually has no invoice, so the quality assurance card is the only voucher for the gift warranty. When consumers are shopping, they must make the merchants stamp the official seal on the quality assurance card.

[background] one of the usual tactics of e-commerce promotion is to provide free gifts with products. In case of quality problems with free gifts, the seller usually refuses to guarantee them on the basis of free gifts. The Interim Provisions on the administration of centralized promotion activities of online goods and services clearly stipulates that the commodities sold and supplemented by online promotion operators in the promotion activities shall conform to the provisions of the product quality law, and shall not be sold or supplemented with the commodities prohibited by the state, and shall not be reduced due to the promotion of sales. The "Three Guarantees" service shall be provided for the attached goods.

[suggestion] the online trading platform should strengthen the provisions of merchants on gifts, and the gifts that meet the requirements of three guarantees should enjoy normal three guarantees service.

Increase first and then discount to 'hidden rules'

[reminder] in the face of business promotion, consumers need to keep sober and compare their products with each other. For the products they like, they should pay attention to the usual sales price and compare with the "double 11" price to see whether there is real benefit. For the behaviors of first increase and then discount, they can report to the platform and regulatory authorities.

[background] most online businesses will put the lowest price of products in a year on the day of "double 11" to attract consumers to chop their hands. In order to make low price, it has become the "hidden rule" of e-commerce industry. For example, the online sales price of a certain women's dress is 200 yuan at ordinary times, and the original price is 300 yuan. Before the "double 11", the merchants suddenly mark the original price as 390 yuan. The activity is 50% off. The actual sales price is 195 yuan, which is only 5 yuan lower than the normal sales price.

[suggestion]: the trading platform shall strengthen the price monitoring of merchants, and cancel the promotion qualification and other penalties for the behavior of false original price.

Various winning prizes, refunds and swindles

[reminder] consumers should not easily click the unknown link to avoid falling into the trap; they should protect their own information security and not disclose their important information to strangers. For cash on delivery, we need to check the goods before payment.

[background] during the promotion period of e-commerce, such as the "double 11" e-commerce, online fraud is often active. Various kinds of fraud, such as phishing Trojan horse, winning fraud, refund fraud, cash on delivery fraud, seckill fraud, etc., make consumers defenseless. All kinds of traps during the period of e-commerce promotion are attributed to information disclosure and consumer greed.

[suggestion] the online trading platform should strengthen all kinds of monitoring during the promotion period, effectively protect the information security of consumers, and remind consumers of the toxic links in the chat tools of the platform.