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How to wash woolen coat without shrinking it

How to wash woolen coat without shrinking it the weather is getting colder and colder. Many friends have put out woolen coats that have been stored for nearly a year. They must have peculiar smell to clean after long storage. So the problem is that woolen coats are damaged once after washing. How can they be cleaned properly to avoid shrinkage? Let's have a look!

1. Dry cleaning: send to a professional dry cleaning shop for cleaning.

This is the most convenient way. But the dry cleaning needs to go through some special treatment. There will be some ingredients left in the clothes. What's more, the disadvantage of dry cleaning is that you may think it's not so clean, and it's harmful to clothes.

2. Hand washing method 1: wash with soapy water.

Do it yourself. You can first use soap to make a basin of water. The water temperature is about 30-40, and then put the coat into soapy water for soaking. Do not rub, twist, etc. gently rub with your finger belly in the dirty place. If it doesn't work, you can rub it with soap. Don't throw too much when throwing, in case there is soap liquid left in it. At the same time, in order to avoid alkaline residue on the clothes, you can add a few drops of vinegar in the last used water to make the wool fabric bright in color, soft in texture and shiny.

3. Hand washing method 2: for the cleaning of woolen coat, it can also be cleaned in the following ways: lay the woolen coat on the table, soak a thick towel in warm water, make the towel not too dry, lay it flat on the woolen coat, and use a thin stick to pat it elastically. In this way, the dirty stains on the coat run to the hot towel, wash the towel clean, and repeat the cleaning several times. Then hang the clean clothes in the ventilation place and dry them naturally. If there is a crease in the coat, iron it, but pay attention to the direction of the wool when ironing.

4. Stains left by dark liquid such as coffee and coke.

This is a very complicated problem. Some girls' woolen coats are light colored. Even if they are dark colored, once they are dyed by dark liquid such as coffee and coke, they have to be cleaned. First, shake off the liquid on the clothes in the shortest time, and then find clean toilet paper to absorb water. Secondly, the longer the stain stays on it, the less likely it will be washed out. So when you get home, you have to clean it immediately. Third, pat the clothes gently with a wet cloth with hot water, 80% of the stains can be cleaned. Then, wipe with a cloth moistened with a small amount of neutral detergent. Be careful not to over wash. For stubborn stains that are not easy to clean, you can use a cloth with lemon juice or vinegar for cleaning. Only acid can wash off the pigment precipitated by time.

If the woolen coat doesn't need cleaning, how to deal with it?

1. Floating dust treatment

First, hang the woolen coat in the sun to dry (not exposed to the sun), so as to remove the moisture and achieve the purpose of drying. After the clothes are dry, you can pat them with a long hair brush and dry them at the same time to brush off the dust and clean them.

2. Oil removal

Put the dust treated clothes on the table, wash and spray white gasoline, and brush them with a brush at the same time. In serious places, you can brush them in the middle. After all the oil stains are removed, spray white oil on the collar and cuffs and brush them again. After the oil stain is cleaned, hang the woolen coat on the ventilation place to make the gasoline volatilize as soon as possible to prevent the oil stain from appearing again.

3. Chemical dust removal

Put the last step of gasoline volatilized woolen coat on the table, and wet the collar and cuff with cotton and dry cleaning agent. Wipe off the dry cleaner with a soft sling or towel, and then wash part of the mud along the collar. After washing and brushing the collar, turn over the washing surface of the clothes, spray once, clean all the stains, hang up the clothes and dry them thoroughly.

4. Dust collection method

Lay the dry woolen coat on the table again, and iron it on the clothes with 7-80% dry and clean towels. Towel should be ironed once and dry cleaned once. If it is dirty, change water again, so that the dust in the deep layer of clothes can be taken out.

How often do you wash your woolen coat?

It's better to wash woolen coat once or twice in a winter, but the dust on the coat should be removed frequently (it can't be brushed with a brush, there is a special roller for woolen clothes on the market, so the dust removal effect is excellent).