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How to eat king crab? How much is a jin of king crab?

Seafood has always been popular with people because of its tender meat and delicious taste. Among them, the king crab is also popular with many people. Many gourmets like to eat the king crab in front of the camera to attract people. How does the king crab taste? How much is the king crab?

In 2017, the price of king crab is not easy to handle every day, because the price of living king crab is about 600 yuan per kilogram, which is more than 1.5kg for a king crab. If you freeze it, it's cheaper. Generally, it's farmed. You haven't seen wild ones. However, generally speaking, wild ones are more expensive than farmed ones. The living crabs can survive for 24 hours in the wet and cold environment after being separated from water, and the frozen crabs can be preserved for 1 year after being properly coated with ice.

How much is a jin of king crab

King crabs are also known as stone crabs or rock crabs. In fact, they are not real crabs, but crustaceans of stone crabs. The king crab seen on the market is usually quite large, with a minimum of about 3kg and a maximum of 10kg. This is because there is a size limit for fishing. The small and mother crab should be put back. The price of king crab is about 400-600 kg. The weight of a king crab is about 3-4 kg. The maximum weight is up to 10 kg. Then the cheapest price of a king crab is more than 2400 yuan.

Introduction to King Crab

King crabs are also known as stone crabs or rock crabs, namely crustaceans of stone crabs, which are not real crabs. They are mainly distributed in cold sea areas. It is named for its huge size and is known as the king of crabs. King crab belongs to the deep sea crabs, with a survival depth of 850m and a survival temperature of 2-5 ℃. The lowest temperature for king crab to survive is 1.4c.

It is not a kind of crab with the emperor crab, please don't confuse it. Because of their large size and delicious meat, many species are widely caught as food, the most common of which is Kamchatka stone crab. In September 2011, scientists found more than one million giant king crabs in a mud bed basin located 850 meters below the continental shelf off Antarctica. Scientists say the emergence of this large foreign predator may be the first sign of an ecological catastrophe in the Antarctic waters.