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What's going on when jiebei is closed? Analysis of the reasons why jiebei is closed in 2018

What's going on when jiebei is closed? Analysis of the reasons why jiebei is closed in 2018

After consulting ant customer service about the reasons for the closure of jiebei, the relevant staff responded that as a consumer credit product, jiebei will dynamically adjust the user's qualification and limit based on the user's usage and credit behavior. Therefore, it is normal for some users to be disqualified or reduced, or for some users to be admitted or increased.

Reasons for the closure of Jiebai

According to media reports, ant financial services has taken the initiative to shut down the ant borrowing function of some users due to high leverage touching the regulatory red line. This reason may be more convincing, but also the current netizen recognition is relatively high, and some related reports on the Internet seem to confirm this point!

financial risk

Recently, it was reported that Mayun's ant financial services had a meeting with officials of the central bank. After the meeting, the ABS product of Mayun financial services was suspended. Because of the high leverage financial risk of Mayun financial services' loan business, Mayun financial services took the initiative to shut down most users' loan function to control the total amount of loan balance.

At present, it is reported that ant loan has a registered capital of 3.8 billion yuan, and according to the regulations, it can lend up to 8.74 billion yuan. At present, ant loan has accumulated more than 300 billion yuan, far exceeding the regulations. Similar to yu'ebao, it can only reduce the scale through the quota! Ma Yun has no choice but to balance the leverage ratio by closing the loan and reducing the total loan balance.

Ma Yun once said that sometimes what beats you is not innovative technology, but a piece of paper! It seems that the central bank's interview has a great impact on ant loan. It is estimated that there will be many changes!

For some users to borrow chant was closed adjustment, Netizens feel more in the heart of injustice. Of course, there are also many witty netizens who have taken care of them. Ants have been shut off by using them, and they can also use the Alipay network merchants' net loan.